Diabetic Magic Cake Recipe

I have been having so much fun clipping out healthy and sugar free recipes for families to make the kids. Now that the weather is getting crappy, baking is a fun activity to do with the family. Baking unhealthy goods can cause harm in the long run. So why not find a way to bake […]

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Expressive Mom

6 Ways to Banish Social Media Envy

Social media has been a blessing and curse for many moms. The blessing is its ability to give moms the opportunity to connect with other moms who are dealing with similar struggles and lives. There are many Facebook groups for moms with depression, raising children with special needs, moms of multiples, infertility, the list goes […]

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Tiramisu Recipe

  Did you know that Tiramisu is  Italian for ‘pick me up’? From the meaning, you know many people like its taste. Making Tiramisu usually involves complicated steps. But if you really love Tiramisu, you can always find a way. Here is a not so complicated recipe. Tiramisu Recipe Serve: 8 Ingredients: 8 egg yolks 3/4 cup […]

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Expressive Mom

Fear and Anxiety in Children

As parents we instruct our children to be apprehensive and careful of certain dangers, such as crossing the street, fire, strangers and so forth. In these situations, anxiety can be beneficial, since it can help protect the little one from harm. However, children are often frightened of situations or objects that adults don’t regard as […]

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