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Five Tips to Find the Best Books on Autism

Here is an article written by Craig Kendall. Craig Kendall is a prolific author of books and guides on learning disabilities including several books on autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Down Syndrome. He is the father of an child with disabilities and has spent nearly a dozen years researching the causes, symptoms, and treatments for autism, Asperger’s […]

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Expressive Mom

Three Tips to Raising a Healthy Eater

The statistics about our ability as a culture to create healthy eating patterns in children are alarming. *One-third of children born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes if they follow the Standard American Diet. (SAD is an accurate acronym). *91% don’t get the recommended daily amount of vegetables. *Only 8% of individuals and families […]

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color teds expressive mom

The Color Teds, Bears of Color for Diverse Young Readers

Librarians, educators and book festival panelists are calling for more diverse picture books to reflect the changing face of America, at a time when, according to Pew Research Center, “half of Americans younger than 5 were minorities in 2013… ”. Characters Engage Books wholeheartedly support these aims and have now published “Color Teds: Tia […]

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JGracia Expressive Mom

Podcast- Introducing High Quality Educational Children’s Books with JGracia Publishing

On today’s The Expressive Mom show, the topic covered was the importance of children reading at a young age, and reading about books that address challenges that children face often as education needs to start as early as possible. I spoke to Jennifer Garcia of JGracia Publishing, which is comprised of the following imprints: Shades […]

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Bully Free Expressive Mom

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Bullying

Dr. Jo Anne White’s Bully Free book won awards, including a Mom’s Choice Award for Excellence. Although there have been global measures and steps taken by schools and agencies to bring attention to and control bullying, it’s still widespread and a real concern for parents. Preventive measures need to take place to ensure that bullying in […]

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Expressive Mom

Podcast- An Overview of Learning Differences with Dr. Odey Raviv

On the last Expressive Mom Show, I had a great interview with Dr. Odey Raviv, who is a highly skilled learning specialist residing in New York. Dr. Raviv has over 30 years experience in his field, and we discussed the realities of raising children with special needs and learning differences. I have pointed out many […]

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hidden voice expressive mom

Podcast- A Discussion About Bullying with Teen Author Heather Johnson

On the latest Expressive Mom Show, the topic of bullying was covered. I interviewed 17-year old Heather Johnson, who is a teen author that launched her first book, Hidden Voice: A Story About Discovering Strengths. Hidden Voice targets pre-teen and teen readers. The book focuses on finding personal strengths, and life’s issues while dealing with […]

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