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Who are you to Judge?

“Hi Pot, meet Kettle”- that is what I think about when I see how other moms treat each other. Women are really supposed to support and cheer on other women. It is not easy being a woman, especially being a mother. It’s hard! So moms really should be supporting and cheering on other moms. However, […]

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expressive mom depression

Depression in Children

Even though depression is more prevalent in adults, children are also affected. However, children may not understand why they are feeling the way they do so it will likely progress. Parents should be on the lookout for any symptoms, and remember- there is no substitute for parents spending time with their children. One way children […]

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Expressive Mom Show

Podcast- Teen Popularity with David and Jonathan Bennett

Teen popularity was the discussion for the last Expressive Mom Show, and David and Jonathan Bennett were be interviewed and shed some light on the topic. David Bennett is a teacher at a private high school in Ohio, with over ten years of teaching experience. He is also an author and speaker. His writings are […]

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Expressive Mom Joe the Biker

Podcast- An Overview of Bullying with Joe the Biker

On the last Expressive Mom Show, Miriam Slozberg interviewed Joe Wojcik, who is a bullying expert that uses a unique persona known as Joe the Biker to presents his anti-bullying message. He has presented to over 150,000 students throughout the United States. As Joe the Biker he helps children deal with bullying. Students look at […]

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JGracia Expressive Mom

Podcast- Introducing High Quality Educational Children’s Books with JGracia Publishing

On today’s The Expressive Mom show, the topic covered was the importance of children reading at a young age, and reading about books that address challenges that children face often as education needs to start as early as possible. I spoke to Jennifer Garcia of JGracia Publishing, which is comprised of the following imprints: Shades […]

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Bully Free Expressive Mom

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Cyber- Bullying

Dr Jo Anne White’s Bully Free book won awards, including a Mom’s Choice Award for Excellence. Recently I had covered what every parent needs to know about bullying. In this post I will be focusing on the realities in regards to cyber-bullying. The Truth About Cyber Bullying Cyber Bullying may seem that it’s something that […]

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