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Discover Why Banning Sweets from Kids Completely is Not Recommended

Parents absolutely hate sweets. Sweets are a big culprit for hyperactivity, as well as negative and rambunctious behavior in children. Not to mention, after kids eat sweets, many times they do not fall asleep until close to midnight. When that happens, kids are sluggish and groggy the next day when they need to be sharp. […]

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The Importance of Teaching your Kids the Proper Pronunciation of Words

One thing that I have noticed, which is scary and unfortunate is that many public school teachers who are teaching children the English language today are mispronouncing words! Because of that, kids are learning the wrong way of saying certain words, which actually can hurt them later in life. For instance, if half the words […]

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One Method Used to Help Decrease the Odds of School Bullying

Unfortunately bullying in schools has always been a major problem. Not to mention, due to the explosion in use of social media- cyberbullying is a major issue. The good news is that there is protective software to eliminate that. However, the focus here is how to decrease the odds of school bullying. Firstly, let’s look […]

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20 kids gift ideas that wont break the bank

20 Gift Ideas for Kids that won’t Break the Bank

Most people dread the holiday season because it is a very expensive time of year- and knowing of at least 20 gift ideas for kids, or adults that won’t break the bank will make the whole experience easier. However, dealing with the stress from overspending is not the only thing that people dread. If there […]

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