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Playground Safety Checklist

The playground is first and foremost a place for kids to concentrate on being kids, cutting loose and expending all their energy by playing with one another. Yet behind all of that fun, there are some important elements going on in the background that can help children’s development. Outdoor play not only gives kids much-needed […]

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Expressive Mom

Make Clay Idioms a “Piece of Cake”

Make Clay Idioms a “Piece of Cake”! by “That test was a piece of cake!” “It’s clean as a whistle!” Idioms, well-known words or phrases that have figurative meanings different from their literal ones, can be found everywhere from the books we read to our everyday conversations. That’s why it’s important that your child […]

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Overcoming Addiction and Embracing a New Life

Anxiety, worry, fears and consistent conflicts are all common experiences people have when addiction is an issue. Whether a person is addicted to alcohol, heroin, meth, prescription pills or any number of substances, this is a disease that can completely take over a life and twist it to something almost unrecognizable. From teenagers to adults […]

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Laurie Wallin Expressive Mom

Podcast- Getting Your Joy Back with Laurie Wallin

On the latest episode of the Expressive Mom Show, I interviewed life coach and author Laurie Wallin about her new book, Get Your Joy Back- Banishing Resentment and Reclaiming Confidence in your Special Needs Family. As a mom of four daughters, and two of them having special needs, she has found ways to find herself […]

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Discover Why Planning the Future of Child with Special Needs is Essential

Many parents who have children with special needs become fearful and uncomfortable when it comes to thinking about what could happen to their kids when they grow up. Unfortunately many parents put off future planning because of fearing what they may believe is the worst. I have come across many mothers who cannot stand the […]

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