Take a Stand Against Bullying

Today on Community Voices with Carly Alyssa Thorne we take a Stand against Bullying with Jessica Bayuk Miss Frederick’s Outstanding Teen 2014.

Jessica Bayuk

Jessica Bayuk

Jessica Bayuk is passionate about making a difference. A gifted and talented tenth grade student in a highly diversified public school in Frederick, Maryland, Jessica loves to dance with her competition dance team and hang out with her friends. Her laughter has always been contagious, despite having been bullied. As Miss Frederick’s Outstanding Teen 2014, Jessica has been very actively spearheading charity fundraisers and promoting her anti-bullying platform through formal speaking engagements and less formal support group and private meetings at secondary and elementary schools, human relations community events, and churches. By serving as a role model for children throughout the nation, Jessica’s platform goals include helping children to gain confidence and respect for not only others, but for themselves, by knowing that they are not alone and that even one person can make a difference in their lives. She believes that building one’s self-respect is key to developing the courage to say “no” to the peer pressure and complacency that often trigger and accompany bullying.

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