Writing Portfolio

Here are some articles I have written:

How to Deal With Your Midlife Crisis

My mental health depends on me sending my son with autism to a care facility

I am no longer writing social media related articles. However, here are some samples of my writing from the past.

I have written several social media related guest blog posts for blogs and online magazines that get over 100K visitors a month. Here are a few examples of what I have written:

Social Media Strategies for Job Hunting for Social Hire.

The Art of Social Influence for Pubslush

The Ultimate Guide to Klout for Dashburst

How to Become Influential Online for Dashburst

5 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles for Dashburst

The 7 Risks of Social Media for Dashburst

Whether You Like it Or Not You Need Klout for Famous Bloggers

Seven Powerful Tips To Help You With Your Social Media Marketing Plan on BlogHer

My articles were featured in OM Magazine for March/April 2014, September/October 2014, and November/December 2014.

Some past client work includes:

Blog post on Advantages of Die Cut Cards Over Traditional Business Cards.
Blog Post on Decking.
Blog Post on Nutrition.
Blog Post on Branding and Marketing.
Blog Post on Facebook Edgerank.
Another social media related blog post.

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