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My Current Take On Steemit

  I am taking this opportunity to give you my current take on, even though I raved about it back last spring. Well, I have a different opinion about it now. It downright sucks. Okay, well I will admit that I am not into this cryptocurrency thing, and not sure how much of it […]

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Expressive Mom

I Really Did the Best Thing For Many Family And My Son

Imagine struggling with clinical depression, dealing with your demons from the past, and not getting any emotional support from family, receiving judgment and nastiness from others, and isolating yourself as a result while caring for a child with profound special needs. Add to that,  caring for a typically developing child who needed her mom to be […]

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MandaLogi Expressive Mom

Review On MandaLogi

MandaLogi is an interlocking system and a brand new product that will help children develop fine motor skills, endurance, and concentration at the very least. The MandaLogi is a mandala interlocking system with which kids can create 3D mandalas, that can be filled with sand- wet or dry, or any material which could include flowers, […]

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Playground Safety Tips

Being a mother means walking a balancing act between giving your kids the freedom to be themselves and keeping them from getting hurt. Nowhere is this balancing act more obvious than on the playground. Playgrounds are where kids can make friends, get exercise and act out their imaginations. Yet they also can be places where […]

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