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I am not going to talk about how children with autism are affected in this article. Let’s focus on adults who have it. For many people adult autism is just the way of life. They have to endure living with this disorder, which can be very difficult because they can’t function the same way as typical individuals. Some affected people have learned to accept this disorder and live with it. However, what makes it really difficult for some is how they are treated in general. As a society, we should try our best to study and learn and understand what adult autism is and not just for those who were diagnosed with this disorder. By learning as much as we can, we can help those who have autism. After all, these are people too, just like the rest of us and are just as important as everyone else’s.

However at the same time, after speaking with many adults under the autism spectrum, many feel that it has been a blessing for them and wouldn’t have it any other way. They don’t want to be cured, they just want to be accepted by everyone. Yes, they too have strengths and weaknesses like everyone else. But most of all, they are people and have every right to enjoy life. Most of them want to live an independent life, as much as they can. In fact in this article, I have pointed out why it is very important that adults with autism need to live away from their parents- even if they are not completely independent.

Generally speaking, autism starts in infancy. What this means is that this person has been living with this disorder for some time now. Adults with autism see the world differently from others. Their five senses work normally, however their brains just process the information differently. The way information is processed and stored and interpreted are slightly different from that of an individual who has developed the typical way. Some experts believe that this may cause some of the more detrimental effects of autism, such as fits and tantrums. Reacting to the world normally would be extremely difficult for someone that already has a lot of stress and anxiety.

With some individuals, they have heightened senses or uncontrollable senses. What this basically means is that very often they can’t decide if they’re hungry or stuffed, hot or cold. Some people with autism can’t stand bad, strong odors or loud noises; and most do not like being touched or any other forms of contact from other people. Often times, they will reject hugs and kisses or any other acts of affection. Some people will see this as weird or unusual.

Trying to socialize with others can be a real challenge for people with adult autism. That is why it is very important to get them involved in programs and activities that encourage human contact and teach them how to socialize with others- and that should have been introduced to them when they were children. And just as important, we must educate those around us about this disorder, so that adults with autism can fit in. By teaching others about this disorder, we can hopefully develop into a more understanding and accepting society.

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