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For many, pregnancy is a physically uncomfortable time, and sometimes, it feels like your body isn’t completely your own. With a growing belly, getting a great night of sleep is hard, and you can’t wear the cozy clothes you loved months ago. The good news is many moms have shared their tips on how to feel more comfortable during your pregnancy so you can be in bliss!

Keep Your Body Nourished

Eating the right foods keeps our bodies fueled. During pregnancy, this becomes even more important because your body needs to fulfill your needs, plus your baby’s. Try to maintain a nutritious diet with fruits, vegetables, protein, and natural fats. Balance this with those pregnancy cravings for ice cream, cookies, chips, and other low-nutritional food. Ignoring tasty desires leads to feeling unsatisfied.

In addition to eating the right foods, ensure you drink enough water every day. Swelling around the legs and ankles is natural during pregnancy and doesn’t feel great. By maintaining a low-sodium diet and drinking enough water throughout the day, you’ll lessen this.

Invest in New Clothes

We’ve all had itchy, overly tight, uncomfortable clothes. With those heightened senses during pregnancy, these sensations can intensify. Shop for linen maternity jumpsuits you can wear around the house or when you go out. Many expectant mothers prefer linen to polyester because linen is soft, lightweight, and easy to maintain.

Purchase loose-fitting clothing so it’s easier to move around, especially during the third trimester. Fitted apparel feels restrictive and applies unneeded pressure on the body. In a loose shirt, dress, or jumper, you can move freely and look just as beautiful.

Maintain Good Posture

With a growing belly, there’s more pressure on your back, and your posture may suffer, which usually results in back pain. Strive to sit and stand straight. Ask your partner to help you keep an eye on this and offer subtle reminders if you start to slouch. Another great way to feel more comfortable during pregnancy is to look for spas in your area that have pregnancy massages. With a great masseuse, you can decompress and alleviate that pain.

Listen to Yourself

If you feel like taking a nap, curl up in bed to get some rest. Likewise, if you’re hungry, it’s time for a snack. Listen to what your mind and body are telling you and give yourself the care you need. Sometimes, this is a challenge.

You may have plans to go out but feel too tired. When this happens, take a step back and ask yourself this: What would you say if a friend were in your position? Would you be mad at a pregnant friend for canceling because they’re exhausted? Probably not. Your loved ones understand you need to relax, so explain what’s going on. Practice self-compassion so your body has the energy necessary to ensure you and your baby flourish during the pregnancy.

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