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It can happen to anyone—you spend all of that time making sure you lay your lace flat and blend it well. Then, all of a sudden, disaster strikes, and your lace front lifts, meaning all of that hard work has gone to waste. Learn how to prevent your lace front from lifting so that you never have to deal with that embarrassment again.

Apply Your Lace Correctly

The best way to prevent your lace from lifting starts with applying your lace front correctly. Before applying your lace, it’s best to make sure your skin is free from oils by using strong alcohol to wipe around your hairline. Skin shields are one of the many must-have tools for wig lovers and will be your best friend, so make sure to apply them around your hairline after the alcohol has dried. This will prevent your lace from coming into contact with your skin’s natural oils and will also protect your skin from wig glue.

Ultimately, you can style your natural hair and fit your wig in whichever way works best for you. However, when removing any excess adhesive or cleaning your lace front after you take your wig off, oil-based products like Goo Gone will interfere with the wig bonds you use in the future. Be sure to wash your lace front thoroughly with a soap that will eliminate that grease, such as regular dish soap.

Maintain It During the Day

If you’ve already set your hairline with a blow dryer and tied a wrap around your hairline so that your lace stays flat, you need to use a gentle hand when styling during the day. You may want to try and brush out any tangles, but you want to use a wig detangler. Also, try your best to keep your blow dryer, curler, or straightener away from your lace. This will cause sweat and oil to mess with the bond, and the heat will break down the lace’s structure.

If you feel comfortable wearing a cut scarf, band, or headband, use that to your advantage to press your lace down. So when you need to show off and look good, it’ll stay flat and blended.

Keep It in Place at Night

If you have to sleep with your lace front at night, make sure you cover it with a satin bonnet or use a silk scarf to keep your lace flat and tight. If you haven’t noticed, your best tip is to keep your lace pressed and flat whenever and wherever you can. A bonnet or wrap will also keep your wig from sliding as you move during the night. The last thing you want is for your hair to get caught under you and cause your wig to slide off and ruin your lace.

Although learning how to prevent your lace front from lifting may seem intimidating, it’s all about preparing your skin and keeping it flat. Also, be sure that the products you use don’t grease up the tight bond you worked so hard to get.

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