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At Resources 4 Learning, kids can learn and have fun at the same time! The founder of Resources 4 Learning is named Vivian, and she is a certified teacher who ended up becoming a stay at home mom. She taught elementary school for thirteen years before staying home with her kids. As a wife and mother of five, Vivian said that her family is always on the go busy with everyday life, school, and sports.

Resource for Learning

As a teacher and mother, she was creating meaningful activities so her kids could build on age-appropriate skills. They loved working on these activities and were actively engaged. So, that’s when Resources 4 Learning was created. Vivian decided to combine her passion for teaching with the love of watching kids grow.

At Resources 4 Learning, she creates learning activities that keep kids actively engaged while having fun. Vivian’s activities are created for toddlers and preschoolers. Children are able to strengthen a variety of skills such as fine motor, color matching, reading, math, and even Spanish. As a teacher, she always had to meet the needs of her individual students. As a mom, she does the same. Every child is different and learns at their own pace. Vivian loves to take custom orders to create something tailored to the individual child.

Resources 4 learning

All of the activities come in a plastic pouch with the activity and all materials needed. It will also contain an activity card stating: Name of Activity, Materials, Skills Used, and Lesson Extension.

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