About Me

Wow, what can I tell you about myself other than the fact that I am a Canadian mother, author, wife, freelance writer, and tarot reader? Should I talk about my struggles with trauma and depression? Nah, maybe not here. I talk about that in plenty of other places.

My education history is a diploma in business from Seneca college, and I also have an astrology certification that I earned in 2006 as Samuel F. Reynolds taught me. I am also a self-taught tarot reader, but I mainly do freelance writing. You can check my portfolio here if you would like.

However, before I started my writing career, I used to be an SEO consultant and a social media manager until I no longer wanted to do that kind of work. I have always been intuitive, but after being a trauma survivor, I have had to delve more into my intuitive abilities. I am not sure if that is the result of plenty of dissociation. Still, I hear of the same thing from others in the same boat. So I will never say trauma is a gift. You will never hear me say that. But I did sharpen my intuition which is why on the side, I offer tarot readings too.

I have a few blogs, and Expressive Mom is one I have had since 2014. I left it idle for a while when I struggled with caregiving duties coupled with bad mental health. But all is well now, and I am focusing on this blog more. I am also happy to have a few different contributors to help keep the content constantly going. You can also contact me if you would like to be a contributor at info [at] expressivemom dot com.

Expressive Mom is a lifestyle blog that consists of the parenting niche, DIY, finances, home improvements, dogs, nutrition, and so on. However, aside from that, I speak my mind. I used to be an echoist (look it up if you don’t know), and after being pushed past my breaking point, I no longer am one. Since I could not use my voice for so many years, I am more than making up for it now. Now you know what you need to know about me!

I also do accept advertising/ads and links on my blog (but links are not free so please do not email me and ask me to place free links in any existing content).