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Tips for Improved Sleep

  Improving your sleep will impact every facet of your life – so here is how to do so.   Conduct Regular Exercise Increasing the amount of physical activity you engage in on a daily basis is bound to positively impact you rest time; this is simply due to the fact that people who exercise […]

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My Current Take On Steemit

  I am taking this opportunity to give you my current take on, even though I raved about it back last spring. Well, I have a different opinion about it now. It downright sucks. Okay, well I will admit that I am not into this cryptocurrency thing, and not sure how much of it […]

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MandaLogi Expressive Mom

Review On MandaLogi

MandaLogi is an interlocking system and a brand new product that will help children develop fine motor skills, endurance, and concentration at the very least. The MandaLogi is a mandala interlocking system with which kids can create 3D mandalas, that can be filled with sand- wet or dry, or any material which could include flowers, […]

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Expressive Mom

Let’s Talk About Envy

Whenever the term envy is used, many people may automatically think of one of the Seven Sins whether they are Catholic or not, which I am not. The other thing is that people get the terms jealousy and envy confused. Actually, both terms are different. Jealousy is negative, and envy may also be negative but […]

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