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Here is the thing. I really don’t like getting political here and this is not about whether or not I like Trump or Biden. That is not relevant. But BOTH of them acted like fools and the sad thing is that they really did need to have a mom of toddlers moderating the debate. Chris Wallace couldn’t keep up with them. They would talk over one another, insult one another, and they both made total fools of themselves.

To be honest, I could not watch the debate. It was too painful and I am Canadian. What happened honestly was quite sad really. And the way the debate went is how this year has gone – down the drain! And I do worry about the state of the US. It is all just not good and considering the debate was just like toddlers fighting with one another that needed to be controlled by moms – that is quite sad really. 

According to Today, a lot of moms out there found themselves having to explain a lot about what was going on. Moms who are trying to get their children involved in politics and make them aware of what is going on in the US had to explain what happened during the debate.

Mary Katherine Backstrom is a writer for Today, and she said that the debate was the more “outlandish” than anything she has ever experienced while parenting. She explained that her young children have better “table manners” than the two candidates displayed. She felt like she was watching a schoolyard fight instead of a dignified conversation.

She also had a really good idea when she said that the next debate should maybe be moderated by a mom of a toddler. Why? She said it is because she spent most of her day correcting her children’s behavior and while she was watching the debate, she felt the need to do it at the TV.

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