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What aspiring parents who are into astrology often plan the conception times that will increase the birth of their babies, happening at the best times for them. For instance, if a fire-sign couple who have their sun signs in either Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius want to conceive a baby, they will embark on their TTC (trying to conceive) journey nine months before the month that corresponds with a compatible zodiac sign. That would mean they would want to attempt to have a baby that has a fire or an air sign.

However, parents who say they are knowledgeable in astrology should not fall into that trap. Sun signs only make up a fraction of your personal horoscope anyway. Does that mean that a Pisces and Capricorn couple avoid attempting to conceive a baby in September because their baby would be during in June, during Gemini season? That is because that particular sign is incompatible with Pisces and Capricorn, and if they read the quotes about Gemini, that can turn them off even more.

That is the wrong attitude, and not a necessary one to have as well. I don’t have the time to give a detailed astrology lesson. However, many factors go into someone’s personal horoscope other than their sun sign alone. There is the rising sign, which is how you view the world and how others view you. The rising sign is your ‘mask,’ if you will. Then there is the moon sign, which represents your emotional response to outside stimuli.

Therefore, these parents could have been trying really hard to conceive a baby in a particular month so that the baby would have a compatible sun sign. And the baby could end up having an incompatible moon sign or rising sign to one of the parents.

There Is So Much To Your Natal Chart Than Just Your Sun Sign

Let’s talk about this fact now. You may have a compatible sun, moon, and rising sign to someone else’s sun sign. However, you may find that you cannot get along with them at all. How could that be considering your compatibility with them astrologically? If you compare your planets’ relationships to theirs, you will find that there is a lot of friction. For instance, if your Venus is in Pisces, you will have a hard time getting along with someone who has Saturn in Gemini or Saturn that conjuncts your Venus. Venus is a sociable planet that represents beauty, and Saturn is a restrictive planet. When both of these planets create a lot of friction, you will struggle to get along with that individual. That is even though your sun sign or moon sign is compatible with theirs.

On the flip side, you could have your sun in Pisces and have a best friend who is a Gemini. Those signs are incompatible. However, there are harmonious components in both of your natal charts that make the friendship likely despite the incompatible sun or moon sign. Therefore, never assume that if you were to have a baby during the month associated with an incompatible zodiac sign, you wouldn’t get along with the child. At the same time, don’t assume you will have a rock-solid relationship with your child born during the month associated with a compatible zodiac sign.

It is one thing to conceive a baby during the autumn, so you have a summer baby. Or during the summer, so you have a spring baby to avoid having to give birth during a winter storm. That is understandable. But the best thing to do is to leave astrology out of your timing to conceive. Your baby will be born at the time when it is he or she is meant to be born.

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