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It is a known fact of how delicate babies are, and that they need to be kept at the right body temperature so they can stay healthy. In fact, the rule of thumb is when you are making sure that an infant is warm enough but not overheated is to always think about how you are feeling temperature wise. If you are comfortable then your baby needs one more layer than you do. 

With that said, if your baby is not wearing footed sleepers and is wearing other clothing, then that means they have to wear baby socks. You may wonder why it is necessary for babies to wear socks, and let’s take a look at 4 of the reasons right now. 

1. Baby Socks Help Babies Maintain Their Body Temperature That Is Right

Babies are very delicate, and they must always remain warm but not overheated. Back to what was just said about how babies need to wear socks if they are not wearing footed clothing. And, for that reason alone is why babies need to wear socks. If the body temperature of an infant is too low, that can lead to serious complications whereas overeating can as well. 

However, if your baby is wearing a dress or pants with a shirt, then your baby must wear socks as well to maintain the right body temperature. 

2. Baby Socks Keep Skin Irritation At Bay

Baby’s skin is very sensitive, and if their bare feet are exposed to objects that can be harmful if they were to encounter it, it could hurt their feet. And if they are crawling, then they have a strong chance of coming into an object that can harm them. This is why they need to wear socks as it will prevent their skin from being irritated. 

3. Socks Protect The Baby From Harmful UV Rays 

Whenever you are taking your baby for a walk in the stroller in the sun, you need to make sure that your baby is wearing clothing that will protect them from the UV rays such as a hat and socks. And, if your baby is over 6 months old, then he or she can wear sunscreen. But even so, your baby still needs to wear socks to prevent UV ray damage, as well as a hat. 

4. Babies Must Wear Socks When They Wear Shoes

The reason that babies need to wear socks while wearing shoes is the same for the reason that older kids and adults do. Socks not only keep the moisture from the feet absorbed. However, it helps reduce skin friction between the shoes and their feet. 

With that said, while babies wear shoes who have socks on will not have irritated feet from the shoes. 

5. Socks Keep Them Comfortable

When babies are cold, they become overstimulated and will not be able to rest. As a result, they will become fussy, and being too cold is not good for their health. Especially if it has an effect on their body temperature. The fact that baby socks keep infants comfortable is enough of a reason to have them wear it, as it is known that a comfortable baby is a happy baby. 

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