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I was thinking about something earlier today since I was thinking of how problematic mom-shaming really is! One of the things that moms are shamed for is if they work outside of the home because they are not with their babies. But they don’t have a choice since most families can survive on two incomes as it is no longer the 50s. 

But some moms have to be SAHMs, and money becomes so tight. And for the moms that cannot work outside of the home need to become creative when it comes to making money from home. Canadian moms and many other moms in so many places around the world are fortunate enough to go on mat leave for over a year if they must.  

However,  after American moms give birth, they don’t have much time to spend with their babies because mat leave is only for a few months which means they are not able to bond with their babies for that long and have just recovered by that point from giving birth give or take. 

That is unfortunate as they don’t get much time unlike their counterparts in the great white north and in other countries around the world. However, it is rare for the partner to make so much money to the point that the mother no longer needs to work. 

For financial reasons, the mother has to work as well since the cost of living is so high especially when there is a dependant to care for. 

So Stop With The Mom-Shaming!

This is why many stay at home moms are looking for ways to stay home with their kids and make money from home. Many have been successful with it by doing freelance work, internet marketing, working for companies that hire remote chat agents or other types of work, and some have been fortunate enough to make their own creations successful such as blogging, coaching in some niche they are skilled at, or creating courses. 

However, those who have been successful at that have built a strong following and had been considered quite influential. And one mom in particular who is a mom blogger and a strong influencer on Instagram named Courtney Adamo had created a course that is jam-packed with parenting and travel tips based on the experiences she has had and is charging $175 for this e-course that she had created. 

However, according to Buzzfeed, her followers are upset about having to pay for the course she had created which is called In The Loop that goes on for 5 weeks because the stuff she included in the course can be found online for free. 

However, that is not completely true as she had included features such as interviews, travel tips, her own parenting tips that have worked for her, videos, and product reviews that she had taken the time to personally review as well as some exercises. 

Her reason for creating the course was for being inspired due to the fact that the content answers questions that people ask on a daily basis that aren’t so easily found online. She is also sharing her experience and advice that works which is why she did not create a free e-course instead. 

Not only that, but she had also written for different parenting and travel publications for years which is how she ended up with over 249, 000 followers on Instagram. When you create a large following like that, then you are gaining the trust of others which is why those people want to follow you. 

People are upset about the fact that she is charging for this course because she is only doing so to keep the nanny she had hired so she can do this while she doesn’t have to worry about cleaning the house or cleaning up after the kids. 

With that said, perhaps the main reason that many of her followers are upset that she would charge for this course is due to jealousy since they don’t have that luxury. Also given the fact that she has had the money to move to different parts of the world unlike how most moms don’t have that luxury either. 

However, she wanted to state herself that after she had left London in 2015, she did not have the money to hire a maid and a full-time nanny and had to work her way up to do so. And she also insists as well that the course that she had created includes content that is not found online. Besides, she put a lot of energy and work into it and it sounds quite useful. With that said, she has every right to charge for that course. 

It sounded as well that she wasn’t handed a rich life, as she had worked for it. Only if other moms could work at being as creative and influential as Courtney Adamo, they may have the same success depending on their dedication. 

It sounded as if  Courtney Adamo had worked quite hard and she should reap the rewards and charge for the course that she put a lot of energy and effort into making in order to help others. 

What Courtney Adamo did was find a way to create an online income from home by thinking out of the box since she like many moms, did not want to go back to work after the birth of her babies and needed to generate an income at the same time. 

So she should not have been shamed. And good for her for the fact that she was able to stay home and make money in an innovative way. Seriously, the mom-shaming needs to end, now!

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