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It is so easy to judge parents because they make plenty of mistakes, but you have to remember that parents are winging it just like you are (if you are a parent that is). However, the mistakes in the linked article below are not typical of ones that you would think of. So let’s ask these questions. If you put your toddler into preschool, what are the reasons you are doing it? If you think you are going to give your toddler an academic head start, you are doing it all wrong. 

If you also think that your toddler is smart because he or she recites the alphabet or numbers from one to ten, don’t base your child’s intelligence on that. 

If you think that giving in to your child’s temper tantrums will make it end sooner, maybe it will but is that really for the best? 

If you tend to make your child eat everything on his or her plate, is that the best thing to do? You may want to do that for nutritional reasons – but it may encourage overeating. 

And are you also putting your child’s needs first? As important as it is to meet your child’s needs, you will want to rethink that tactic. That may end up encouraging indulgent behavior instead. 

If you think that digital devices help your child learn better, then you also are wrong on that. However, what does this mean? What do you need to do in order to solve those problems and to correct those mistakes? 

PARENTING is not easy. Even with the influx of information, many parents still do not fully understand the developmental needs of toddlers. Here, experts debunk practices by some parents and lay down the essentials in helping toddlers grow up healthy, happy and holistic. MISTAKE 1 A child is smart […]

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