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Here is the thing. Yes, it is a known fact that teachers often go out of their way for kids and you have to have the patience of a saint in order to be around kids for six hours a day. Especially if you have to deal with over 20 of them in a classroom. But respect goes both ways. 

Some teachers flat out don’t respect parents, and parents rightfully so will make it clear that they are not going to stand for that. So if a parent criticizes a teacher, maybe there is a valid reason for it. I am not talking about what the situation is listed in this article that I am curating. Some teachers really don’t respect their students’ parents and I have been there. 

When I was sending my son to therapy sessions, one of the therapists really did not like me and made that clear. She made snide remarks about me being dirty, nevermind that she never knew what it was like raising a child with special needs and decided to judge me instead. All she did was spend a few hours a day with him while I took care of him day and night. I also had my daughter who is typical but she missed out because all I did was care for my son. 

Her needs were not met as a result, and neither was mine. Therefore, of course, clothing and items, in general, were going to be less clean. Maybe if she lived my life and saw what stress I was going through at home, then perhaps she would have thought twice about judging me. 

Parents need to respect teachers in some instances, and parents or therapists need to respect parents. Especially therapists respect special needs parents. Respect goes both ways as it is not one-sided. 

Are the majority of our good parents now like lost sheep? What’s becoming of parents who enforce rules, work along with teachers to teach and socialise them properly. A teacher’s job is difficult and more stressing than it seems, but some of these parents take it for granted. Parents need to be more appreciative of a teacher’s job as they are the guardians of their children, as children often spend a lot more time in classrooms.

What should we do to parents who have no decency or better parenting styles? They speak as they like around children, not knowing that children emulate whatever is socialised or done around them. Children become what they see and definitely will display those same behavioural patterns either at school or away from home. How can parents be sharing with their children meaningless information to convey to teachers online?

There are several videos and voice notes circulating on social media which involved parents in the background telling children to express boredom and how much they can’t be bothered to do schoolwork. There are teachers expressing frustration as parents have not been cooperating since school started. Parents are straying their children’s focus from school while being at home as they are interrupting their classes, talking with them, and asking them to do chores. As good parents, sometimes we have to make sacrifices for our children and adjust to change and meet them halfway, like with chores and house duties.

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