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No one can deny that being a mom is extremely rewarding and it has many joyful moments as kids are the life of mothers. However, let’s face the fact that motherhood is scary

This is the thing about being a mom that doesn’t get talked about too often which it should. It is scary, confusing, and moms are just winging it due to the fact that kids never come with instructions and that it is a daunting role. 

Lets now go over seven reasons why motherhood is quite scary. 

Labor Is Just The Start

For every nickel that I had every time I had heard a pregnant woman who is going to be a first-time mom fear how difficult labor is, I would be rich. 

Labor is hard and it is physically painful and taxing. However, it is just the beginning of what parenthood entails. Labor is hard and parenting is too for many different reasons. With that said, yes, the difficult journey really does start at labor. 

Stubborn Children

Toddlers are going to be stubborn and so will children of all ages really. That means you are going to get frustrated when you insist that they do something and they just keep digging their heels into the ground. 

Here is an example of what motherhood is about in this regard. Your child is eating dinner and decides to just hold in a bite and not swallow. You are getting frustrated that the child will not swallow the bite and will keep it in his or her mouth for much longer than you can imagine. 

Imagine how mad you feel like you are about to go? However, there is one thing to keep in mind about stubborn children

They know what they want which will serve them well when they reach adulthood, and they will go after what they want without letting anything get into the way. 

Things Are Out Of Your Control

The one thing that people become anxious over is that something they face will be out of their hands. Just as a baby crying in the night after starting to sleep well in the night, or a child getting sick, or the child falling by accident and injuring him or herself.

These are the things that are out of every parents’ control and this is a stressful part of parenting. 


This is sort of an extension of the point mentioned above. However, what is worse than anything that is out of your control? The fear of uncertainty. Will the child be able to cope in school? Could the child become a target to bullies? 

Will the child develop a strange allergy? Will the child be able to live independently which is one issue that parents who have kids that have disabilities or learning problems fear especially. 

However, this is also a concern of most parents regardless because of how the cost of living keeps going higher and they fear their kids will not be able to live on their own for that reason alone. Parenthood is full of uncertainty. 

The Internet Is A Big Reason Motherhood Is Scary

There is a good reason for parents to be worried about kids online because there are many dark places that scream danger. However, what parents need to do is not only educate themselves about the dangers online but to invest in software that will keep the kids safe. 

Keeping Someone Else Alive

Once you become a parent for the first time, one of the things that scare you is knowing that you are responsible for keeping another being alive. Before you only had to look out for your own needs to keep yourself alive. 

Now, you have a child to care for that is completely dependent on you for life. Eventually, once you become used to being a parent, this becomes second nature. However, this is always an overwhelming part of parenthood understandably so. 


That little baby that you have right now eventually will be growing up and having to go through puberty. This is a tricky time because this is when you have to talk about uncomfortable things with your kids once they start heading to that time. 

That is about sex, bodily changes, and it is an awkward time for kids. And girls especially will be dealing with a lot of mood swings which will be hard to deal with as well. 

Those are just a few reasons as to why motherhood is scary, and the worries don’t end. Even when your kids become adults, you are still going to worry plenty about them. However, here is one important thing to remember as well. Never forget about how rewarding it is. 

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