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This is all about hygiene tips for new moms! Having a new baby is stressful, to say the least, and this is why new parents are having to put their needs last.

This applies mostly to new moms since they are the ones home caring for the baby while the father is out working. And this is the last thing that any new mom should do as she needs her ‘me’ time especially after having to be the one to care for the baby since she needs to be recharged. 

Self-Care Means Following Hygiene Tips For New Moms

However, the one thing that new moms tend to do when they put their needs on the back burner is by not practicing good hygiene because of the fact that they basically forget! With these – tips, moms will be able to take simple steps to practice good hygiene no matter how full their hands are:

Soaking Feet Each Night

Moms are going to be on their feet a lot more often and that means they will be sweating more as well. This will only cause bacteria to keep breeding which will cause the feet to go stinky.

The one habit that these moms need to adopt is to take a basin, and put some Epsom salt into it and to soak their feet each night. It will neutralize the odors and kill off bacteria which will keep the feet fresh.

Only Wear Cotton Underwear

Odors will be neutralized by wearing cotton underwear which is breathable, and this means fewer bacteria will have the opportunity to breed. Wearing tight-fitting polyester underwear will only worsen this situation which will cause the odors to be strong and embarrassing. 

If Showering Is Not An Option, Use Baby Wipes

Sometimes it is not an option to shower due to being too exhausted from being sleep deprived and caring for the new baby. However, if any new mom is unable to shower, then she can use baby wipes to keep clean. It will do the same job other than giving off that fresh feeling that a shower does. 

Stay Away From Junk Food And Sodas

The truth is that junk food is composed of simple sugars and trans fats which is not only unhealthy to eat in general, but it causes you to become a breeding ground for bacteria.

This can cause extra oily skin as well as breakouts which is a hygienic issue in this type of situation. It is hard to plan for healthy meals when a baby is in the picture.

However, the one thing that can be done is to get meal kits which will provide families with healthy meal ideas along with ingredients for food that is simple to cook up.

One Of The Hygiene Tips For New Moms Is Getting Waterless Shampoo

Moms are too busy to shower which has already been covered which means that they are too busy to wash their hair which caused the hair to become dirty and oily.

However, the one trick that will be a remedy to this situation is by using waterless shampoo. All that needs to be done is to apply it into the hair and to rub it around, and then it is clean after just like it would be if the hair was washed in the shower. 

Talcum Powder Is Great

 Moms are too busy and are sweating. This even means that they may forget to put on deodorant in the morning but the best thing to do to stay as dry and clean as possible is to put talcum powder onto the body.

That will absorb the sweat and keep things clean. This will help reduce the breeding of bacteria which will mean that the talcum powder will stop the odors from radiating. 

Portable Toothbrush With Toothpaste

It is easy for new moms to do even so simple as forgetting to brush their teeth because they are just too busy and tired to do even do that. However, if they keep portable toothbrushes with the toothpaste already in place to use then this will eliminate the problem.

It is highly important to keep up with oral hygiene practices because that not only causes bad breath if it is not kept up but it causes tooth decay which will only lead to more dental problems and oral problems later on. 

It is easy for moms to become caught up on the stresses that motherhood brings, especially after having the first baby. However, the one thing that moms must not do is neglect her own self-care which also includes practicing good hygiene.

These hygiene tips for new moms is a must-read and must-practice!

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