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It was thought that the bullying ends by the time students are in college for the most part. That is because they are more concerned about their futures and getting their degrees or diplomas, but that is not always the case. And, what makes it worse is that adults will torment other adults. Moms especially are known to viciously bully other moms. They spread rumors, gossip, and do what they can to intimidate other moms at the playground. It is just like junior high and high school all over again.  So why are moms so mean to each other?

The reason behind these bullying tactics can vary. Either these moms are narcissistic and have a superiority complex because they think that their parenting style is better than the others. They become sanctimonious and can be quite nasty about it. The other reason would be fueled by jealousy. Perhaps the mom that is a bully has a child with special needs and is incredibly jealous of the other mom who has a child the same age as her own, that is not just typical but it is receiving awards left and right. The reasons that moms bully other moms just don’t end. 

However, the one thing is that for certain is that the victim, the mom that is being bullied is feeling helpless and is afraid to be seen anywhere with her child due to the fear of being attacked. And, what these victim moms need to do is to create tactics of their own to escape the bullying. Let’s look at – of these tactics that these victim moms can use to handle it the best way possible. 

1. These Victim Moms Must Realize It Is Not About Them

This may make it easier to handle but as long as these victim moms realize that these other moms that are bullying them have issues with themselves, and not about the victim. And, they must also remember that they are not the only ones being bullied. If these victim moms keep that in mind, then it would be easier to face. There are many reasons for this to be an issue and as it was mentioned before, jealousy is a huge reason for the bullying. 

You could be that mom that has a large home and well-behaved kids. The mom that bullies you maybe that mom who is stuck living in an apartment and cannot afford to live in a home that is larger. Perhaps one of her kids is struggling and acting out as a result. She is obviously jealous and jealousy can be a reason for vicious bullying. 

2. Stay Calm

The best thing to do when being attacked by another mom is to stay calm and cool. No matter how heated up you are based on the things she is calling you and the insults she is flinging at you, stay calm. She wants you to fire back and she wants a war. But if you stay cool and collect, you will not give her what she wants, and she will eventually give up.

Additionally, you want to stay calm because you don’t want to stoop down to that level. Others are also watching and if they see you as cool and calm, you will be the sane one and the bully will just look like a raving lunatic. You definitely want others to see how much of a bully and lunatic that mean mom really is as she attacks you while you remain calm and collected. That is definitely sweet revenge.

3. Call Her Out

You don’t want to call her out while the mean mom is harassing you, but you will want to go to her privately and do it then. Be cool and respectful but make it clear that you are not going to put up with her name-calling and insults and remind her that it only makes her look bad, and not the ones who she is bullying. It will work as if she comes across you she will give you cold looks and sneers but the insults and name-calling should stop since you made your point clear. 

Make it known to her that you will absolutely not tolerate any mistreatment. However, be sure not to gossip about the mean mom either as that will be tempting to do. If another mom comes to you and tells you about her bad experience with that mean mom, then you can compare notes. But don’t go spreading the news about her otherwise. 

4. Don’t Let It Stress You

You are going to want to pick your battles whenever a mean mom is harassing you. Again it is best to ignore her but don’t let it get to you too much because you will be left exhausted if you allow the mean things she says to affect you. Allow the mean mom to self-destruct while you practice ways to destress after she is flinging insults towards your way. 

Besides, you have so many things that are occupying you as a mom anyway. Your plate will be full as a result and you don’t need it overflowing because the mean mom stressed you out. 

5. Find Your Own Group Of Mom Friends

Perhaps going to the playground no matter how close it is isn’t’ the place for you to hang out since that is where you are being harassed. Create a meetup group for moms who want to meet other moms, the moms that are lonely, and sure enough, you will find a nice group of mom friends to enjoy instead of having to dread running into the bully over and over again. 

Sadly the bullying continues on into adulthood and moms are notorious for it, but if these tactics are utilized then the victim will no longer be a victim to the bullying. Unfortunately, that means you need to expect it and work on developing a thick skin as you do not want any mom that is a bully to know they are getting to you. You do not want them to have that satisfaction whatsoever. 


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