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Being a mom is challenging as it is, and it is one job that never ends and does not get pay, but the rewards are great. However, because motherhood is stressful as it is, mothers are judged. There are so many mom-shaming examples, it makes life that much harder.

The Mom-Shaming Examples Out There Are Cringeworthy

And, even if you don’t agree with any parenting decision that other moms make, unless you see and have evidence the child is being neglected or abused, then keep your opinions to yourself and leave other moms alone. The most common seven things that moms are shamed for are:

Breast VS Bottle-Feeding

It is a known fact that breast is best, scientifically speaking anyway. However, even though the quality of formula will never measure up to breastmilk, it still provides the baby with the essential nutrients to thrive. 

And, not every mother can or wants to breastfeed. That does not make them selfish, and in some cases, breastfeeding can cause further problems. 

Moms who are bottle-feeding their babies do not owe anyone any explanations as to why they are doing so, and remember that fed is best in the end. 

Breastfeeding In Public Places

There has been a lot of debate about whether moms should breastfeed in public and because it is a natural thing to do, breastfeeding moms do not want to feel singled out when their babies are hungry. 

That means they shouldn’t have to go to a private area to nurse their babies such as a hidden room or the bathroom. 

This is why more and more nursing moms are feeding their infants anywhere they choose, as they have that right. If you don’t like it, just look and walk away. 

Natural Birth VS. Epidural

Those moms that choose to endure the pain to give birth naturally have made the decision to do so, and not every mom wants to go that route. Since they know that relief is there through the epidural, then they will choose that option. 

That does not make these moms weak, that just gives them relief knowing that they have the option to get pain relief. Yes, there is a very small risk that the baby and the mom will be affected in a negative way by the epidural but the odds are not in their favor. 

Moms or anyone that has a lower pain threshold is not any weaker than those who can handle more pain. Moms who have chosen to give birth with the help of an epidural shouldn’t be shamed

SAHM VS. Working Mom

Stay at home moms are shamed by working moms because they think that these moms are not doing much during the day and are just finding an excuse to stay home. 

However, working moms are shamed by stay-at-home moms because they think that they are escaping the responsibilities of caring for their infants and hiring someone else to do that job instead. 

Both are untrue, and neither type of mom should be shaming each other. The stay at home mom chooses to do so because even though they are sacrificing extra income, they are saving on childcare costs. And, working moms may need to go back to work for a variety of reasons. 

The Age Of The Mother

There are teen moms and new moms in their 40’s. Neither should ever be shamed because everyone has their own story. 

Perhaps the teen mom may have not been careful or decided to embark on the motherhood journey early to enjoy life in her 40’s. 

Perhaps the new mom in her 40’s either wanted to focus on her career in the beginning or perhaps she struggled with fertility for years. Either way, it is not of anyone’s business and this is one of the mom-shaming examples that is absolutely uncalled for. 

Moms Making ME Time

It is not realistic to think that moms can do their best without making ME time a priority because the truth is you cannot give from an empty cup. 

Without ME time, you will burn out. And, moms that are shaming moms for making time to go to the spa, to the coffee shop, or do anything else without the baby are the ones that really need to make time for themselves because they will burn out quite quickly. 


This is a heated debate because it is believed that co-sleeping can increase the risk of SIDS but co-sleepers know how to do is safe as they use a co-sleeper attached to the bed instead of literally putting the baby in the bed. 

The mom-shaming needs to be put to an end for any of these reasons, and there are plenty of other reasons that moms are shamed that have not been covered. 

However, again, unless it is a known and proven fact that the child is being abused or neglected, it is best to just mind your own business even if you don’t agree with a parenting style. 

There are more mom-shaming examples around, but these are the most common ones. 


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