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You will parent your kids very differently than I do and would, and you would parent your kids very differently than I would. As long as your kids are clothed, fed, and housed, and obviously loved, then there is no need to judge otherwise. And when you are talking about parenting kids with special needs, that is a whole other ballgame. However, even parents that have kids with special needs will judge other parents in their shoes. 

That is so sadly ironic since these parents are the ones that need a lot of support and don’t want any judgment. And then yet they turn around and judge others in their shoes anyway. What is wrong with that picture? Parenting shaming, judging parents, and purposely being mean to other parents whether or not they are in your shoes is what sadly has become the norm.

Mothers are judged for co-sleeping or not co-sleeping. They are judged for breastfeeding or formula-feeding. They are judged for not giving their kids organic food. That needs to stop. And judging parents as well by witnessing a poorly behaved child needs to stop as well. How do you know the child does not have special needs and is having a meltdown because of dealing with sensory overload? The list goes on. But quit judging other parents unless you see a good reason to call them out on something dangerous they are doing or if their kids genuinely appear to be neglected. 

While I was out running errands one day, my son, who had been stuck in his pram for far longer than I knew he could handle without a meltdown, well, had a meltdown. He summoned up his best “let’s make it sound like you’re torturing me” scream and all […]

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