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First-time parents are overwhelmed as it is because no one can ever prepare them for them what to expect when they have a baby no matter how anyone tries to do so. All that anyone can do for them is to give them encouragement and offer them a helping hand during the first few weeks of the baby’s life. 

The Parenting Myths Have To Stop

They are not going to have time or the energy to cook, clean, run errands, and even take the dog for a walk. 

A helping hand in those regards would be more than appreciated. And another thing that anyone can do when it comes to helping parents is by not spreading any more myths that are not just false but can be dangerous. 

Let’s go over the five parenting myths now that need to go because not only are they incredibly false, but they are quite damaging. 

Parenting Comes Naturally

Whoever created this myth maybe was one of the lucky ones that had an instruction manual attached to the baby because parenting does not at all come naturally. It only does for those that are second time or third time parents, but never for the first time. 

This is why parents are overwhelmed and don’t know how to respond when the baby cries after it has been fed, cleaned, burned, changed, and so on. Parenting does not at all come naturally and that is a lie. 

The Newborn Will Cry Less After Settling At Home

That cannot be further from the truth. In fact, if the baby has been born at a hospital, then it is found that the baby will cry more at home because of the sudden change in the environment. 

Additionally, the baby may sleep for 15 to 17 hours a day, but it is broken up throughout the day and the night and that means there is a lot of crying for a variety of reasons. 

Just know the baby will not cry any less at home even after being settled as it is normal to expect. 

Babies Will Sleep Through The Night At Three Months Old

Yes, it is true that by that point the baby knows the difference between day and night and will sleep for longer stretched. However, that does not mean that the baby will always sleep through the night by three months. 

Some babies start the early stages of teething and that will keep the baby up. Sometimes the baby is sick, or was napping too much during the day, or not enough. 

Sometimes a change in routine can cause the baby to wake up. There are many reasons that this is false. 

You Will End Up Being Just Like Your Parents

Subconsciously, it can happen but that does not mean it always will happen if you want to break some of the patterns from your parents that you are only familiar with. 

This is especially true for parents that have been abusive, and that is when children of these parents want to look into anything they can to avoid repeating the same pattern. 

Or even when it came to parenting styles that were used that the children didn’t agree with, and will use other ways to parent instead. 

Children Always Come First

You absolutely need to make sure you are responsible for meeting your children’s needs which also means you are responsible for meeting your own needs too. 

That is because if you don’t then you will burn out and how will you be able to help your kids when you are burned out from neglecting your needs? Unfortunately, many others do this by placing their needs on the back burner because they are often told that they are selfish if they meet their own needs first. 

What those who are criticizing them fail to realize that for the only way that these moms will meet the needs of these kids, they have to meet their own as well. 

Now that you know of these five myths with parenting, you would hopefully know better than to believe anything that you hear that does not ring true to you. 

Even if you are not a parent yet but are going to be soon, you would intuitively know as well that hearing any of these false statements would not add up. And, you have to go with that feeling. All you can do is the best you can as a parent and never allow anyone to make you feel bad at all.

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