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Moms everywhere need a lot of support and advice that go from self-care tips to pregnancy, labor, and delivery, age-appropriate toys for infants and toddlers, feeding picky eaters, and the list goes on! Let’s talk about finding balance in motherhood.

However, let’s firstly focus on what motherhood entails and how to make it as simple as possible (I know you are thinking that simple and motherhood don’t belong in the same sentence but keep reading). 

Let’s first focus on the definition of motherhood. Motherhood is defined as the experience of having or raising a child through birth or adoption. And it is no secret that raising a child whether you have given birth or adopted the child is far from easy. 

Not only do kids not come with instructions so moms are basically winging it (which means moms are doing their best and deserve a gold star), but they have to focus on other responsibilities of life such as managing the home, work if they are working, finances, and meeting their own needs – which they frequently put on the back burner because there is no time to do anything else. 

What happens when mom’s needs are put on the back burner time after time? They begin to burn out and then they can no longer meet the needs of their kids. 

This is why moms must make time for themselves so they can have their ‘me’ time to recharge and be able to tackle the parenting demands they face day after day. 

And based on this, this basically answers what the biggest challenge of motherhood really is – and that is finding the perfect balance for juggling ‘me’ time, work, parenting, homemaking, finances, and running other errands. 

How Moms Can Find The Perfect Balance 

The key to making motherhood simpler is finding the perfect balance to devote time to parenting, work, homemaking, finances, and making sure important ‘me’ time is part of it as well! Let’s go over some helpful tips for moms to find the perfect balance so they can make their lives a lot easier.

  • Schedule the day by the hour which means you will dedicate a block of time for working on finances, another block of time to do something with the kids, and another block of time for self-care – yes ‘me’ time will be scheduled in there as well. And yes it is true that some days will present unpleasant surprises such as the kid getting sick or dealing with car troubles. However, that will not be the norm and most of the time you will be able to stick to the schedule.
  • Harness the power of delegating – Here is an example, do you really need to go grocery shopping? You can order groceries online and have them delivered to you. Think of the things you don’t really need to do that will only take up more of your time and energy and get someone else to do it – even though it will cost extra, it will be money well-spent if it keeps your precious energy and time open to tackle the things you need. 
  • Bulk cook dinners on the weekend and freeze them for the week. This way you don’t need to worry about cooking at all during the hectic week. All you need to do is rewarm the dinners from the freezer and then dinner is served. The same can go for baby food that is homemade. 
  • Buy your meals from meal kits and spend the weekend cooking them instead of having to worry about getting all of your food from the grocery stores if searching around for the perfect ingredients will only stress you out. 
  • Wake up an hour earlier than your kids so you can have the much-needed me time by taking a bath for a half-hour, reading your favorite book, or doing any type of activity to unwind. You can also get a few tasks completed this way as well so you can free up your day somewhat. 
  • Keep ‘accident supplies’ in the car just in case when you are going out somewhere with your kids and one of them has an accident by not making it to the bathroom, or has a diaper leak, or attempts to drink something and spills it on themselves. The ‘accident supplies’ would consist of extra clothing, towels, extra underwear, or diapers. 
  • Make kids’ lunches the night before.
  • Prepare the coffee machine the night before. 
  • If your kid has a toy that he or she loves, then you will want to buy an extra one for when the toy is either worn down or is destroyed by a pet. 
  • Schedule one day to pay all of your bills online even if the bill will be paid quite early on. Do it once and don’t worry about it again for another month. 
  • Be sure to take time to declutter once a week as too much clutter can also overwhelm you. 
  • Create a nap and sleep schedule, which includes a bedtime routine. This will only work if your baby is sleeping through the night and has gotten the days and nights sorted. 
  • Keep a bag that is designed for the kids when you go out for dinner which ha toys, crayons, and their favorite books so you don’t have to struggle to find it before you are planning to walk out the door.

When moms are utilizing these tips that were given whether they are working moms or stay-at-home moms, this will simplify their lives a lot more which will help remove a lot of the stress and chaos that comes with motherhood

However, there are going to be times that chaos will be inevitable, and what is the best solution for that? To embrace it! Easier said than done but embracing the chaos will help remove a lot of the stress which is why finding balance in motherhood is important. 


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