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The one thing that all moms wonder is how to survive motherhood. Anytime a first-time mom that is back working after finishing maternity leave looks for tips on how to ‘survive to be a mom’  online, it only leaves her more confused. 

That is because she is overloaded with information that is coming from all directions which are not very helpful to the mum that is feeling stressed out as it is. 

Besides, the only reason she went to do research was to find ways to cope with motherhood is because she is overwhelmed as it is. Information overload will only defeat that purpose. 

This is why the following four tips for first-time working moms that are listed below are all that they need in order to cope with their busy lives much better. Therefore, they will feel as if they have control over their lives. 

Keep Your Life Simple

Are you the type of mom that has to run out to do your grocery shopping right after leaving work which means you will end up picking your baby up later from daycare? 

Do the extra trips on the road stress you out? There is no need to do daily shopping. What you will want to do instead is to plan your meals throughout the week, and go grocery shopping just once on the weekend. 

Have your partners help you as you will need to get a lot of groceries even if that means bringing your baby along. 

Always have your schedule app or book handy to jot down appointments so you don’t have to rely on your memory. That only complicates things.

Delegate And Ask For Help Is An Easy Way On How To Survive Motherhood

Stressed out moms oftentimes take on too much responsibility themselves, When it comes to working mums, whether they are first-time moms or not, in order for them to survive motherhood and life, in general, is by delegating and asking for help when they can. 

If they are too busy with work and if their kids get sick for a week, instead of even worrying about going grocery shopping even just once a week, they can order groceries online. 

They can also ask a trusted friend or family member to help them out with that by running errands for them. 

It is also important that they are getting enough help from their spouses, or if it is doable financially, a helper to hire such as a nanny part-time may be the ideal solution. 

Especially when it comes to taking care of house chores such as cleaning and laundry. That can be too much to do for working mums especially. It is hard enough to juggle motherhood and work. 

However, adding the house chores to the mix will cause the mum to feel as if she is drowning. 

Never Be Afraid To Say ‘No’ 

Some moms no matter how busy they are will do favors for others who ask them to even if their plates are overflowing. 

They say yes to them because they feel guilty for turning them down. However, how is it possible to juggle work, motherhood, and life in general in addition to doing things for others? 

It isn’t possible and this is why saying ‘no’ has to be done more often. 

Set Small Goals

First-time working moms will feel that their lives are less chaotic if they begin to set small goals. And the goals need to be kept small and realistic and should be daily. 

For instance, if one goal to set for a day was to find time to work out just for 15 minutes, that can be done. 

Once that is accomplished, the mom would feel more powerful and better about herself. Setting goals helps to build confidence which will help mums feel more in control. 

Being a first-time working mom can be quite challenging. However, keeping it simple and looking for simple ways to make it through each day without allowing information overload to happen will help stressed out moms get a handle on their plates. 

If you utilize these tips on how to survive motherhood, you will be fine! Keep shining!


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