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When you find out that you are expecting, that alone will make you anxious and excited at the same time. However, if you are a pet owner, especially if you have a dog or cat- you will be even more anxious. 

Because you will not know how your pet will feel about the new baby, and how the baby will treat your pet as he or she becomes older and begins to crawl and walk. 

These are legitimate concerns. The best suggestion is to most definitely take it one step at a time. Firstly, before you worry about how the baby’s mobility as he or she gets older- you need to worry more about how to prepare your pet for the new arrival

How Do You Introduce Your Pet To The New Baby?

If the transition is done right, the pampered pooch or kitty will accept the new addition quite well. Below are some steps on how to prepare your pet for the baby that is on the way:

  • While you are pregnant, socialize your pet with other children, such as taking your pet to the playground. Allow children to come over and pet the animal. If you have young nieces or nephews, expose your pet to them as well. The pet will become used to kids just by doing this alone. 
  • Be sure to really understand how your pet seeks attention, and look out for cues. You will need to know your pet very well before the baby is born because your pet will be jealous at first. 
  • Be sure to understand your pet’s sensitivities by doing research on the breed or mixes. This will help you understand your dog or cat even more which is important so you know what kind of behaviors to expect. 
  • When the due date is becoming closer, be sure to allow your pet to sniff and get to know the baby’s blankets, furniture, toys, and so on. Your pet will already sense that something is different, Allow your pet to be a part of what is coming!

Once you have that established, then you will have to prepare yourself for the next step, which is once the baby is here:

  • When your baby is sleeping, allow your pet to sniff the baby’s belongings again because the baby’s scent will be on them. Since your pet trusts you, and you are allowing your animal to smell the baby’s stuff- he or she will accept your baby easier. 
  • Never keep the baby around the pet unattended. Your pet will still have jealous tendencies. If you have a female pet, this is even more of a concern due to her territorial nature. That also means if you have to grab the baby bottle, take your baby with you. Even once the baby is older. 
  • Ignore attention-seeking behaviors because your pet will display plenty.  He or she will just behave like an older jealous sibling. Some behaviors you have to ignore or else your pet will keep displaying them which you don’t want to see happen. 
  • You will need to vary exercise routine and feeding times because your pet needs your undivided attention when the baby is sleeping. It is crucial that your pet knows that he or she is also your baby! If you are exhausted which you will be, you may need to hire a dog walker to walk the dog since you will need rest as well. But either way, be sure to spend one on one time with your fur baby! It is crucial that you do. 
  • Once the baby is older and becomes more mobile. your baby will be mature enough to understand to be gentle with the dog or cat. At that point, your pet will have accepted the baby as part of the family- however, it is still again unwise to leave the baby alone with the dog or cat

If you are worried about your pet’s behavior with the baby even after following these tips, then you will need to consult the veterinarian for advice. Your vet will most definitely be able to give you tips for problematic situations when it comes to your pet and a new baby. 

Now that you are aware of how to prepare your pet for your baby’s arrival, what steps will you begin to take as of now? You need to know how to introduce your pet to the new baby. 


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