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You might be excited about moving into a new home. Maybe the new house is bigger, or it has that finished basement you always wanted. Perhaps you’re moving because you found a new job, and you’re excited about the opportunity. Maybe you’re just tired of paying rent or dealing with all the little imperfections of your old home. But where you see the excitement of a new life ahead, children and pets might see something scary looming on the horizon.


For your kids and pets, moving into a new home throws their world upside down. Familiar sights and feelings are very important for children because their developing minds need something to hang on to as their world changes around them. Pets become very attached to their environment, and often have a hard time reacting to change. If you don’t take the time to help your kids and pets cope with the move, their stress and anxiety will be added to the mix as you work to get everything done.


Fortunately, there are some strategies that can help alleviate the stress young children and pets may experience during a move. They require some patience and understanding, but they can make the process of moving into a new home much less stressful for your children, pets and for you.


Before the move, talk to your kids about what’s about to happen, focusing on the positive aspects of your new surroundings. Allowing kids to make some choices about the new home — such as the color of their new bedrooms — can be helpful. For pets, taking them on short trips so they get used to traveling could make moving day easier.


Once you arrive at the new house, it’s important to maintain as many of your old routines as possible — for the sake of your kids as well as your pets. Placing water dishes in the same corner of kitchen, for example, or keeping the same configuration of bedroom furniture can go a long way to helping pets and kids, respectively, feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.


Consult the following guide for more tips and strategies about moving with kids and pets, including ideas on how to help them cope with the changes before, during and after the move.


Author bio: Matt Adams is a Relocation Manager at University Moving and Storage He began his career in the moving industry as a student working his way through school. Thirty-one years later, he’s been involved with a variety of moves ranging from a one-bedroom apartment to a hospital. Adams is committed to providing the right solution for families and corporations in order to meet their relocation needs. 


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