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Fido is your pet, and you know that you want to give them the best possible life. However, the responsibility of caring for your dog is a big one, and dog owners would benefit from knowing about some important life hacks, especially when caring for their pets. That’s why dog owners will love to learn about these ten life hacks that will make their lives easier and their dogs’ lives easier, too. 

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Daily With A Toy With Grooves

Dogs do have bad breath, and as a pet owner, you have accepted it. As with humans, they can also suffer from dental problems. Therefore, it is important to take care of their teeth even if it does not do much to freshen their breath. Dog owners (and their dogs) dread this activity because it is not enjoyable for their dogs, which means there will be a lot of resistance. 

Dog toys with grooves that keep their teeth clean are a great way to brush their teeth without them even realizing it. You can even include toothpaste for dogs on them! Then, they will chew on them while brushing their teeth. 

Make The Dog Eat Slowly By Adding An Object In The Bowl

Dogs that eat too fast will get sick and have upset stomachs. Hence, it is good to put an object in the food bowl, such as a tennis ball, to slow down their snacking. Then, they will move the ball or object around to get to their kibbles or dog food. 


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Attach A Carabiner To The Dog’s Leash

It’s a good idea to put a carabiner on the dog’s leash to either wrap bags around for waste or attach to a tree (only if necessary). If you have other dogs to walk, you can also attach them to other leashes. If they aren’t aware of it already, this is a good hack for professional dog walkers. 

Get Dogs To Take Their Medications With Pill-Pockets

Another thing dog owners dread is giving their dogs medication. To do so, they can use pill pockets. They are tiny treats with a pill center that dogs eat like regular treats. 

Using This Easy Recipe, You Can Make Your Own Pill Pockets

You can make your own by combining one tablespoon of peanut butter, one tablespoon of milk, and two tablespoons of flour. Combine it, roll it into a long tube, and cut it into 12 pieces. Make a hole in each piece with a skewer, and that’s where the pill goes. In a ziplock bag, you can store it in the fridge for a week. 

Bathe Your Dog With A Shower Cap

You will want to put a shower cap on your dog’s head when you bathe him. Even if the soap is geared for pets, it can irritate their eyes. If your dog is resistant to the cap, cover his eyes quickly before rinsing. Praise him as well. 

Make Your Dog A Toy That He Will Love

When you buy dog toys, you can also save your hard-earned cash. Just make one for Fido yourself! Their favorite is the braided ones, as they enjoy pulling on them. You can make them by cutting up old T-shirts. First, cut them into six-inch strips and ensure they are all the same length.

Next, tie if they aren’t aware of it already, then connect the other ribbons with one of the strips and make sure they measure one to two inches from one end. Next, braid the three sections together. When you reach one to two inches at the end, you should stop braiding. Lastly, tie the braid off with another strip, and you have a toy for your dog. 

Use Essential Oils For Calming Dogs Safely

Fido needs to be very careful when using essential oils. However, certain types of oils are safe for dogs. Here is a list of safe essential oils and those to avoid. There are also uses and tips in this link. 

Make A DIY Carpet Cleaner

Despite being trained, dogs will have accidents. When that happens, your best option is not just to clean it up as soon as possible but to make a DIY mixture of warm water and vinegar to remove the stain and odor. If the smell lingers, your trained pet may decide to continue using that area. You should avoid that at all costs. 

Try These DIY Tips For Removing Pet Hair

You will be able to make your life easier by following DIY hacks for removing pet hair from your home, car, or anywhere else. These methods will help you remove unwanted pet hair effortlessly and quickly. 

You can make your life easier with your puppy if you follow these ten hacks (or nine if your pup does not shed)! Enjoy Fido’s love instead!


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