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Do you know your teenagers can be making money online while doing what they love?  Yes, they absolutely can… and very easily too. Instead of wasting time playing games online or watching videos all day online without getting paid a dime, they can be putting all that time to good use and getting paid… while still enjoying themselves.

Below are some of the easy ways they can make money while still having fun at the same time:

1. Selling Pictures To Photo Sites Online

Teenagers love taking pictures just for the fun of it, but what most don’t know is that they can actually make money from this fun activity. There are stock photo websites that pay good money for good quality pictures they can add to their sites. 

These sites usually have paying subscribers who buy these stock photos from their websites. They then pay a token to those who take and submit the pictures. Your teenagers can be one of those selling pictures they take to such websites. They can get paid for every picture they submit to the sites and they can also get paid for every subscriber who downloads each picture. 

Yes, this means they can sell hundreds or even thousands of copies of the very same pictures, over and over again.  They can take pictures of their surroundings, nature, buildings, etc, and sell to such sites.

If your teenager is over 18 years, they can also become foot models and sell feet pics onlineYes, selling feet pictures is a thing now and there are modelling agencies paying big bucks to those who have beautiful feet. These modelling agencies use the pictures for their brands advertising footwear and other relevant fashion and cosmetic type products. Teenagers of age can also sell foot pictures online themselves using social media or classified ad sites.

2. Doing Market Research for Clients Online

Do you know how much time your teenagers spend just researching silly stuff online? They can spend that time making money doing the same type of research for companies. Yes, there are many online research companies that will hire teenagers to provide specific information and data needed for online promotion. 

These market research companies will pay you to answer questions about specific products or services. Along the same line, your teenagers will be helping companies to research and create new products or to improve on existing products. 

3. Making Money Taking Online Surveys

Online survey sites can pay your teenagers to just spend time answering questions for them. Yes, as strange as this might sound, your teenager’s opinion is important and can be used for research purposes! Whether it is just answering questions about what their favourite games are, what their favourite TV shows and movies are, their answers can help big brands improve their products. And what’s awesome is that they get paid just for doing that.

Of course not all the companies out there are genuine. Some just waste people’s time and don’t really pay well, if they pay anything at all. Your teenagers need to avoid such companies. 

As for the companies that can be trusted to pay, they include 

  • Survey Junkie
  • Swagbucks
  • Nielsen Digital Voice
  • Survey Monkey
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Survey Spot

There are many others out there but they can start with the above and see how it works out for them.



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