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Buying presents for your kids can be an extremely difficult task sometimes and can be especially daunting for new parents.

With trends constantly changing and evolving, it can be hard to find something that you can be sure will be loved for years to come and not just thrown out by their next birthday. Plus, kids aren’t exactly known for their sentimental nature, so it can be difficult to give something really special that will be appreciated.

However, there are some surefire winners that will go down a treat with any little boy or girl, and a dolls pram is one of those winners. With lots of benefits, this present will enhance your child’s playtime.

In the run-up to Christmas, we’ve found 3 perfect reasons to give your child a dolls pram for the next big occasion.

Increase activity

Unfortunately, in an age dominated by video games, iPads and TV, children are becoming less and less active as they grow.

The British Heart Foundation found that across the UK, less than 30% of children under 10 years of age reach the recommended daily physical activity of 60 minutes of moderate exercise. This could have a significant impact on their development and increase their risk of health-related issues.

One way to help kids become more active is to incorporate exercise into their daily life more so that it doesn’t feel like a chore. Taking kids out for walks where they can push their dolls pram along will encourage them to become more active in a way that they enjoy, merging exercise and play.

It can even help children learn to walk, so would be a great present at this stage in life.

Encourage imaginative play

Playing with dolls and having a dolls pram can help to encourage children to play imaginatively.

When growing up surrounded by technology, it’s important that children take a step away from this to engage their own imagination and use their minds, rather than staring at a screen, in order to widen their horizons.

Becoming immersed in their own imagination and building a make-believe world is essential for a child’s development in many ways, and could potentially benefit boys even more. It builds motor skills such as putting on and removing clothes which can then be applied to themselves, as well as sequencing skills, such as dressing the doll, putting the doll in the pram, and tucking it in before going for a walk. Through talking to the dolls, it also builds language skills and social-emotional skills.

This post gives more details on the importance of pretend play with dolls on a child’s development.

Stand the test of time

Dolls prams have been a popular children’s toy since the Victorian era and are still going strong today.

We spoke to Play Like Mum who said: “whilst many fads have come and gone over time, dolls prams have truly endured the test of time and will no doubt continue to do so. This makes it the perfect gift for your little ones, as they will cherish it for years to come, potentially even into adulthood.”

Dolls prams are also built to endure the ages, with a much more robust makeup than some of the fragile toys manufactured today, meaning even your kids will struggle to break it!


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