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The school year for many countries in the northern hemisphere is coming to an end or have come to an end already. And the new school year in many countries in the southern hemisphere has just started. However, regardless of whether your kids are in school or not at the moment, all parents should know how they can help their kids in their studies so they have the best chance at being successful with their school work. Let’s go over those 3 ways right now:

1. Be In Touch With The Teacher During The School Year On An Occasional Basis

It is quite important that parents are in touch with their kids’ teachers during the school year on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. This way, the parents will know if their children are struggling in a certain subject or in an area of a subject. The truth is that kids will not always tell their parents if they are struggling in school. They often fear that they will get into trouble if they are not doing well even if they are trying.

Parents need to also reassure their kids that if they are struggling in a subject that it is not their fault and to encourage them to talk to them about what they are struggling with in particular. However, in addition to that, it is the parents’ responsibility to be in touch with the teacher on occasion as well. This way, the teachers, parents, and the kids are on the same page.

2. Study With The Kids Literally

In order for parents to really help their kids do well in their studies, they must block away a half hour an evening or during a weekend to study with their kids. It doesn’t matter if a test is coming up or if an assignment needs to be worked on. It is important that parents block away that time to do math problems with their kids, or science problems.

And, the important thing as well, is that parents need to make the studying sessions fun such as playing a math or science game (or any other subject). This way, the kids will not dread ‘family study time’.

3. Create Quizzes

The best way for parents to really know if their kids are grasping a school subject is by creating short quizzes based on the subject that they are focusing on. These quizzes can be simple as well. It is just a way for parents to know that their kids are grasping the basics that they need to understand on a particular subject.

And even though parents are able to help their kids with their studies, there are plenty of things that parents can still learn for themselves that they can apply to their family. Important things that they did not learn at school, and important things that their kids will not learn at school. This is where the Bite-Sized Essentials website can come in and be of help.


The Bite-Sized Essentials website is designed to provide various advice on all facets of living so that your journey at ‘the school of hard knocks’ is smoother and somewhat more manageable. You will learn various life hacks, lessons for life, and you can join the community! This is a great resource for parents and kids because it will help them navigate life easier, in general.


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