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Your family has worked tirelessly to renovate the house into your dream home. As you look around the room, something doesn’t feel complete. What is causing this feeling? Read below to learn about four things that make your home’s interior look unfinished.

Worn-Out or Mix-Matched Interior Doors

Interior doors have a large impact on the home’s overall aesthetic. The interior will look in disarray if the doors don’t match. The home looks sloppy if the doors have dents and scratches.

Try replacing all the doors with one of the popular types of interior wood doors. The styles include almost anything from classic panels to convenient bi-fold closet doors. Having matching doors can instantly elevate the home and create a cohesive design.

Poor Lighting Across the Rooms

A singular light in bedrooms creates unfavorable shadows. Forgetting to install lights in closets makes it difficult to find the right items. A living room without a table or floor lamp lacks dimension.

Lights are a practical and stylistic choice. Nevertheless, each one should serve a purpose and match the rest of the room.

A Lack of Greenery

You must focus your energy on the décor when the big projects are complete. Greenery is a quick way to spruce up the place without hammering nails into walls.

Add a tall plant stand to an empty corner: stack various succulents, calatheas, spider plants, and more on each level. Place a few smaller plants on the mantel, on the bathroom counter, or in the kitchen.

Don’t worry. Plenty of faux plants are available in adorable ceramic pots to choose from, if you don’t have a green thumb. They will look elegant and add a pop of color to your sophisticated home.

Small Décor on Large Walls

Try not to add so much décor that the walls look cluttered. Each piece should complement the size of the room or wall.

For example, you might have a small grid of four photos in the center of the wall above the sofa. The rest of the wall is plain and feels empty.

Expansive walls look best with large picture frames or art canvases that stretch the height of the wall. It elongates the room, sufficiently fills the area, and makes the space feel complete.

There is no need to fear if your home’s interior looks unfinished. You can add plenty of things you can add!

Use this list as a starting point. Then, take note if any other components need an immediate change. With a little effort, you will make the place feel like home again.

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