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Your child has a dream, and it’s to be a dancer! Dance classes teach your child a variety of artistic and athletic skills, and they can be fun. But if you’re new to the dance world, you may be overwhelmed by how much these classes expect of you and your child. Need some guidance? Here are four things new dance moms need to know.

Don’t Compare Your Kid to Others

It can be nerve-racking when your child seems to be behind the rest of the group. But every child learns at a different pace and has their own strengths and weaknesses. Don’t compare your child to their peers. Instead, compare your child to your child. Have they improved since they first started? Great—that means they’re learning and doing well!

Invest in Proper Dance Clothes

Another thing new dance moms need to know is that clothes matter. They need to fit perfectly—not too tight, not too loose, not too bulky, and not too light. Otherwise, they could impede your child’s freedom of movement. High-quality dancewear can be a big investment, but it will make a big difference in your child’s comfort level and how they execute dance moves.

Learn How To Customize Dance Clothes

Dance is about freedom of expression. But it’s hard to freely express yourself when your outfit is the same as everyone else’s. By learning how to customize your child’s dance clothes, you can help their one-of-a-kind personality shine through. Study up on how to apply rhinestones to dancewear and how to adorn it with color, ribbons, and glitter!

Bring Extra Supplies

Dancing is an intense and tiring activity. Your child will inevitably lose a few bobby pins or get bumped or scraped during practices and rehearsals. And after it all, they’ll need a hydrating drink and filling snack to refuel. Making a dance bag with all the necessities—extra leotards, socks, bobby pins, bandages, a water bottle, and quick-to-eat snacks—ensures they’ll have what they need to succeed in class.

Learning the ropes as a new dance mom isn’t easy, but you’ll get more accustomed to classes over time. And while the learning curve may be steep, getting to see your child learn and have fun is well worth the effort.

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