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Every parent knows that diaper changing is a challenging time. Between sticky poop getting stuck on the newborn’s bottom and the toddler that never stops moving around while getting changed, changing the diaper is one thing that parents dread the most. And this means that thousands and thousands of diaper changes will need to be done for one baby. That is why parents need to know the best 5 useful hacks when it comes to the time when their little ones need to have a change. 

1. Invest In A Change Pad That Is All About Ease And Convenience


Many expectant parents are not ready to invest in changing table stations since there are plenty of portable pads around that they can put anywhere in the home. Anywhere the baby is in any way in the home. Diaper bags come with portable changing pads as well. However, those are not the ideal choices. Parents need to know about the Little Clean Bums™ 3-in-1 waterproof changing mat that is portable. 

Not only does the product feature a changing mat. It features a diaper clutch where the baby’s favorite toys can be hung up during the change that will distract the infant. It also features a changing station. It is also extremely easy to clean. That is why parents that are looking for the best-quality change pad, they will want to go with Little Clean Bums™.

2. Get The Petroleum Jelly Out When Changing A Newborn


The poops that newborns make is a sticky tarry goo called meconium and it easily gets stuck on their bottoms. After the first diaper change, a thin layer of petroleum jelly should be spread on the baby’s bottom to prevent future meconium blows from sticking to the bum. Also, keep some olive oil close by and a cloth. That will help remove any meconium that does get stuck. 

3. Keep Track Of How Often The Infant Goes


During the first months of the baby’s life, especially, it is important for parents to keep track of how often a bowel movement is made. If the baby is not making enough bowel movements, then nutrients are lacking. Pediatricians will also need to know the details. Therefore, making note of how often the baby goes during the day is important instead of relying on the sleep-deprived brain. 

4. Don’t Get Sprayed


There are plenty of jokes around about how very young baby boys spray their parents as they change them. Extremely young baby girls can also believe it or not create a fountain that will get on their parents as well. The best hack for avoiding the spray by infant boys is to place a fresh diaper over those spray areas as the old one is being slipped off. When it comes to changing baby girls, double up underneath them during the change. 

5. Get A Diaper Cream Brush


Diaper rashes are inevitable even if the parents religiously rub diaper cream on the baby’s bottoms. However, it is easy to miss putting the cream onto those cracks and crevices on the baby. That can cause the rash to happen. Therefore, the best thing to do is to use a brush to ‘paint’ the diaper cream onto those missed areas. That will reduce the chances of a painful diaper rash. 

There, parents of little ones can utilize these hacks and make their lives much better as they simplify the diaper changing challenge. They will once again want to invest in the Little Clean Bums™ 3-in-1 change mat. That in itself will make the diaper changing experience simple. 

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