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Today’s woman is capable of making a mark of herself. When it comes to career and growth, she is no less than her male counterparts. By making the most of a plethora of job opportunities, women are entering new avenues to pamper their passion, power-up their creativity, and meet their career goals. At the same time, they are also breaking the barrier of desk-jobs and venturing into new as well as unconventional career domains with off-beat career choices. What makes these jobs more exciting is the fact that these are less explored yet lucrative. 

Does it all sound like your thoughts? It definitely aims at that. So, turn your vacation into a vocation with these offbeat career options:

1. Biking

Did your heart race while watching actresses like Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, and Sonakshi Sinha riding a bike in various Bollywood flicks? If you delight in watching women controlling such toys, talk to the biker in you. Do you see it as a career choice? If your answer is yes, step up. Kick your motorbike and rock the roads! 

As more and more women are taking up biking as a career, be the one to up the game. There are many women who are known for amazing motorbike journeys across the country and even the globe. Who knows, we get to see a woman riding a motorbike in the next motorcycle commercial! 

2. Mountaineering

Arduous and full of risks, mountaineering is not for the ‘faint-hearted’ but women are not scared of daunting tasks anymore. No wonder, mountaineering is the new favorite career option of women. It not only demands a lot of stamina, strength, and skill to scale heights but also the courage to smash stereotypes. 

There is no dearth of women who have their names in golden letters for having made India proud in the field. Thereby, they have motivated others to jump the bandwagon and take it as a career. 

3. Diving

Adventure is the latest love of women; be it land or water. Being one of such adrenaline junkies, you can not only fight altitude sickness and top the mountains but dive into the depths of the sea also. If blue depths fascinate you, put on your diving gear and set off to explore what lies beneath the roaring and foamy waves. 

A monetarily rewarding career, diving comes with variants to choose from such as snorkeling, deep-sea diving, scuba diving, and diving instructor. Pick your diving delight and bring out the mermaid in you.  

4. Photography

We still remember Farhan secretly longing for a photography career in the Bollywood movie 3 Idiots for all the good reasons. It conveys that your passion can’t be suppressed. Did you identify with Farhan? But you need not curb your desire to play ‘click-click’. 

Capture the beauty lying all around or whatever interests you. Join classes to polish your talent. Enroll yourself for courses that help you with techniques for the same. Choose your specialization areas such as wildlife, travel, underwater, movies and documentaries, and wedding and events. Give wings to your creativity and make the most of your eye for detail. 

5. Psychic Reading

If you want to lend a hand to people around you and help them cope up with their challenges, a unique career option of psychic reading is for you. Lace your god-gift with training, science, and course to help people. 

These days, more and more people resort to online psychic chat to find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. Be someone’s shoulder to lean on and guide to those in need with psychic reading as an offbeat career choice. 

The crux is to identify your desire and flair and select a career that is fulfilling for your soul, wallet rewarding opportunities will follow. The world is changing. New career opportunities and women opting for those are being welcomed. Now is the time to turn your dreams into realities with these offbeat career choices. Explore the sky and venture into new horizons!



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