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halloween expressive mom

It is that time of year again, which is Halloween! Kids love Halloween, because they have so much fun pumpkin carving and dressing up. However, what they like more about it is the idea they will be getting a variety of treats. However, even though many parents enjoy carving the pumpkin- and yes even with the mess, they dread the treats that will be brought home after the night is over. Not only do they hate the idea of candy in the house for health reasons- they are concerned about the candy being unsafe. There are still many occasions when parents find tainted candy in a bag.

The good news, your child can still enjoy the Halloween festivities even if they end up getting less candy! I did not say less treats. I said less candy. Even if your neighbours are giving out candy to trick-or-treators, you can have the piece of mind of not contributing to any unhealthy eating habits a child may have. You can give out treats that kids love, even if they are not meant to be eaten.

Party Favours– These Halloween party favours can be bought by the bag and they are popular. Kids love toy bats, glow sticks, ghosts, etc and even your local grocery store will sell these instead of having to find your local party outlet.

Game Tokens– This may be appreciated by older kids more than younger ones. However it is a great way to keep kids of all ages busy. You can buy them from places like Chuck E Cheese or Dave and Busters, or other outlets for games.

Fake Tattoos– Kids love those stick-on tattoos and buying those in bulk is the best way to go. They are not too expensive. Be sure to put ones for girls at in one place (princesses, butterflies, flowers, you get the idea), and those for boys (superheros, monsters, sports related ones, etc) in another so you don’t get it mixed up. If a little boy got a princess tattoo and a little girl got a monster one, they would not be overly appreciative of the treat.

Stickers– Children like stickers, and that is another Halloween alternative. However, one drawback of that is that they can be a little more costly than fake tattoos. Especially the fuzzy ones.

Pencils and Erasers– Halloween themed pencils and erasers that resemble other objects and shapes can be great hits. Just be sure not to get erasers that look like candy or else some kids could make a very bad mistake!

Dollar Outlets– If the above mentioned don’t sound exciting to you, you may want to check out the cool stuff that you will see at many Dollar Store outlets. You can get very cheap fun stuff like sea shells, sunglasses, colouring books, the sky is the limit! In fact if you are naturally the creative type, you may want to go this route!

So there it is. Halloween does not necessarily have to be only about sugary treats! Kids will enjoy these alternatives. Happy Trick-or-treating.

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