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When you have kids relying on you for their every need, it may seem next to impossible to step back and relieve the pain associated with a chronic health condition. However, if momma doesn’t take the time to care for herself, everyone will suffer. Here are some tips to help you manage your chronic pain without letting anyone down.

Work on Learning Biofeedback

You can control some of your body’s functions consciously through biofeedback. This is not some Jedi mind trick. Biofeedback works, and it doesn’t take much to master it. Basically, you start by wearing sensors that make it so you can sort of see or hear muscle tension, body temperature, digestion, pulse, and other bodily functions. Monitors beep and show squiggly lines to let you know what your body is doing. Then, after a few sessions, you can start to control those beeps and squiggles.

Track Your Activities and Pain Levels

Your medical professional must know how you have been feeling between visits to treat your pain effectively. You can track your pain by keeping a journal or log of your pain score each day. On a scale of one to ten, rate your pain at the end of the day. Additionally, write down what you did that day. At each doctor’s visit, show them your log book.

Join a Support Group

When you are caught up juggling pain and motherly duties, it’s easy to think you are alone. But, there are others going through the same thing you are. And, they may have some tricks up their sleeves to help you. Thanks to the Internet, there are plenty of support groups and forums online. Or, you can look for groups in your area.

Carve out Some Time to Exercise

You can block pain signals and improve your mood by getting a flow of endorphins going through exercise. Exercise also has the side effect of preventing further pain and re-injury by strengthening muscles. Check with your doctor to find out what exercises might be appropriate. Bonus points if it’s an activity you can do with your children, such as tag at a nearby park.

Find Ways to Reduce Stress

Your sensitivity to pain is heightened when you are angry, stressed out, anxious, or depressed. You might experience a modicum of relief from chronic pain by learning to control your stress. One way to reduce stress is to follow some organizational tips to provide more structure in your life.

Relax with Meditation or Deep Breathing

You can relax your body and ease pain through meditation and deep breathing techniques. As your muscles receive the message to relax, tightness and tension melt away. You may think of meditation as sitting still in a quiet room with your eyes closed. This is helpful, but you can experience benefits from simply stopping what you are doing for a few moments and taking some full, deep breaths.

Don’t be afraid to rely on others. Talk to your medical professional about ideas they may have, communicate with your partner or other helpful loved ones when you need some time to yourself, and most of all, don’t feel guilty for giving your needs priority.

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