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This is the time of year, when flu bugs and other germs go around. Unfortunately me, my husband and my daughter were sick last week. Fortunately, my son seems to have escaped it- and hopefully I am not speaking too soon by saying that. However, I think by now he would have shown signs of something if he was affected. He had a similar bug in December so I am wondering if he may be immune to whatever the rest of us had. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he does not catch it regardless. I also want to make sure that the rest of us stay healthy during the remainder of this time of year (or any time of year because bugs certainly can circulate even in the middle of a very hot summer too!) You may not prevent yourself or your kids from ever catching another bug again, however- the odds of it will lessen if the following precautions are taken.

    • Wash Your Hands with Soap and Waster Before you Eat or Touch your Face

– Everyone really should wash their hands with soap and water thoroughly before eating, or putting a piece of gum in their mouths, or even before blowing their noses. If you put your hands that may be filled with germs in contact with your face, that is an easy way to catch a virus. Remember that germs are everywhere.

    • Carry Hand Sanitizer with you Everywhere

– If you are somewhere where a washroom is not near you, you can always keep your hands clean by using hand sanitizer. Washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to keep clean- however hand sanitizer will do the job too. Make sure you rub it thoroughly. It is recommended to use clean your hands with it after leaving a public place like a mall.

    • Cough or Sneeze in your Arm

– If you have a cold, be sure to cough or sneeze in your arm since that will prevent a lot of germs from spreading. Keep your hands clean before touching anything as well. It is the considerate thing to do.

    • Spray Antibacterial Spray Around your Home

– If someone in your home is sick, especially with a bug that is worse than just a cold- then it is highly recommended to spray your home with antibacterial spray to help prevent germs from spreading to anyone else in the home.

    • Keep your Used Tissues Away From Others

– If you have been blowing your nose or coughing in tissues, make sure the tissues are trashed somewhere away from others. Oh and keep your hands clean after using your tissues.

    • If you Have a Major Bug, Stay Home!

– It is one thing to leave your home if you have a bit of a cold. Colds may be annoying, but are not debilitating like other illnesses. However, if you are extremely ill with a fever and other nasty symptoms, for goodness sake- stay home (unless you are needing to go to the doctor). That is the considerate thing to do and will stop the germs from spreading, and if your child is sick, do not send the child to school or anywhere else other than the doctor if there is any fever, vomiting or diarrhea!

Stay healthy!

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