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In the last twelve years, water fountains have greatly increased in popularity. There are so many different types of outdoor and indoor water fountains available in a large range of colors, styles, sizes, materials etc. There are even miniature water fountains that are suitable for office desks, water fountains which have a company’s logo on it for branding, fountains in hospitals and clinics that serve to calm patients, outdoor water fountains in residential areas, parks and playgrounds etc. As you can see, these water fountains are being incorporated in lots of locations where there’s traffic.

Why does everyone love water fountains?

The world is very stressful and that is no secret. As a result, the sound and look of cascading water are extremely relaxing which helps to ease that stress. If you think about the ocean or the light trickle of a brook, then you can actually feel yourself de-stressing and unwinding. The buzz and ambient noise of cars honking, appliances and TVs, all tend to take a negative toll on your nerves after a while.

Lots of people tend to call us to ask whether specific water fountains are too soft or too loud. However, that is a difficult question to answer since it depends on the person. Generally speaking, the sound that a water fountain makes will depend on the type of materials that were used to make the fountain, as well as how far up the water is falling from as well as the surfaces in which the water falls upon. Also, the sound that comes from a water fountain will also be determined by where it is located since the location may have a lot of acoustic effects. For example, the sound can bounce off a variety of surfaces and produce an echo, or it can become muffled due to lots of carpeting in the room etc. Also, if you are using the water fountain to mask certain other sounds, then the actual loudness of those sounds will also come into play.


water fountain

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Water fountains, such as those from Outdoor Fountain Pros, are so easy to love and once I fell in love with them, I started to promote tabletop fountains that I personally made at public conferences. What I noticed is that as people quickly walked past me in typical big city fashion, they would actually slow down and pause at my booth. They typically didn’t stop because they saw water, but they stopped because of the soothing and magnetic sound of falling water that drew them in. You could actually see how the sound of water had a positive and relaxing effect on most people and they actually took a breath and relaxed into the moment. If only I had remembered to take a video!

So, it is no wonder why water fountains are actually incorporated into town squares as well as places where people tend to gather. I greatly suspect that the sound of flowing water is quite magical and it has the ability to reduce conflict and tension in most people. I think that there’s also a high possibility that if water fountains were placed in areas with high crime rates, those rates may become reduced over time.

Now, water fountains do tend to transport more water into the air and decrease the humidity level which is certainly more comfortable for most people. Also, negative ions are created due to the falling water and these also have a very calming effect. If you ever notice how good the air smells right after a thunderstorm, then you will understand how a water fountain creates the same effect.

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