Expressive Mom

There are many support groups on Facebook and other forums for parents raising children with special needs. However, I created a new Facebook group called Dealing with an Overflowing Plate- Raising Children with Special Needs and the Mental Challenges it Creates. The fact of the matter is that raising children with special needs such as autism or ADHD is a tough job. However, if a parent is dealing with a mental illness like depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, etc- the job can be insurmountable. Especially if you have more than one child with special needs, or if one child has complicated needs. That can be an isolating experience.

I wanted to create a haven for parents who truly get it. Parents who are facing the challenges of raising children with high needs as well as trying to cope with their mental illness.If you are parent that has low self esteem to begin with, trying to build up your child’s can be very hard to do- especially if that child has exceptional needs. Life is tough, and for some it is tougher than it is for others. Those who are dealing with an exceptionally tough life need as much support as possible.