Expressive Mom

I realize that there are plenty of ways to make money blogging. However, there is a new platform that just was released in beta last year called Steemit. My brother told me about this last month and just literally joined then. However, I did not do much with it until recently. I have to say I am incredibly impressed so far.

Once you join Steemit, you will sign up and verify your account. Once you are verified, it will take a few days or even one day for your account to be approved. They need to manually approve accounts because we all know how spammers and scammers jump on these opportunities. That is the only way to weed them out. However, some do find their ways to trickle in.

Once you are approved, then you sign up, you are given a password that you must keep in a safe spot because you will not to recover it otherwise. It’s best to stick to a niche to blog about and in time you will attract followers who will upvote and comment on your articles.

I admit once I was truly new (I still am a newbie but not as fresh now), I was sharing a lot of garbage. Random memes, random stuff that got very little interest. Once I consistently started to blog about parenting, I received more interest.

You are paid with cryptocurrencies. I had written an article on my other blog which explains this a little more.

I also have a new Facebook group for Mom Bloggers who want to help one another succeed at Steemit called Mom Bloggers Steemit Support.

Expressive Mom

I would love to see you there, and in the meantime you can follow me on Steemit after you create an account at See you there!