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Few things are sweeter than having the people we love close to us. Unfortunately, many of the people we love don’t live close enough to easily pop over. Instead, we must entertain them as guests for a special event. While entertaining guests in your home for this reason is a lot of fun, it’s also stressful. Follow this quick guide to make the process easier so that you can focus on the fun.

Always Provide Extra Seating

One of the foundational rules of hosting is to provide plenty of seating, no matter how long your guests are staying. If you have a group of people hanging out, you should have enough seats for everyone to sit together. Overnight guests will also need a place to comfortably sit during daily activities like eating meals, working, and watching TV.

Keep Food and Drink Easily Accessible

Your guests should never struggle to find the food or drinks they need. During a special event, spread food and drinks on tables or countertops so that everyone can easily pick from the spread. If you have overnight guests, show them where the basics are in your kitchen, such as the water pitcher in your fridge, snacks in your pantry, and small appliances in your cabinets.

Make Your Bathroom an Experience

No matter how long you’re entertaining your guests, someone will need to use the bathroom. Since this is such a necessary part of your home, you should make an extra effort to improve it. Consider replacing or restoring stone countertops before the event if it’s looking worse for wear. Empty the trash can before anyone arrives. Place necessities, such as toilet paper and linens, where they’re obvious and accessible. Also, safely give the room a good scent, such as from a wall plug-in.

Communicate Morning Plans To Overnight Guests

Sometimes we entertain guests for a special event that only lasts a few hours. At other times, we get to host the people we love overnight. If this is the case, clearly communicate morning plans. Your guests need to know where to go and what to do, such as whether you’ll cook a communal breakfast for everyone or if they should get food themselves while you handle other matters.

Entertaining guests is a wonderful opportunity to have the people we love close for a few hours or a few days. While this guide on entertaining guest in your home can help make the experience easier for both of you, the most important thing to remember is to have fun together.

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