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Paint with your Style

As a mom, you find there are unique joys of raising a daughter. From the moment you hold your little princess, you want everything around her and in her environment to be perfect and safe. Choices are delicately made from what she eats, what’s placed in her environment, to the very clothes she wears. With the millions of decisions, you will make daily as a mom, choosing what your child wears should be the simplest.

Secretly, we know as parents, we live for the “oohs and awe’s” when others interact with our children. It’s especially even more so for girls, as we find it adorable when the pink bow matches, the little frills, and her tiny shoes. It’s how these tender bundles of joy begin to paint the world with their style. It may sound silly to think of style and toddler in the same sentence, however, the outfit your little one wears can say a great deal about how you and the world see their unique and growing personality. At the end of the day, the most important and primary goal will be to choose and the best outfit that both compliments and brings comfort to your daughter.

Eva La Cúz Designs

Eva La Cúz and her company understand the importance of a mother’s choice in how she clothes her baby. Their brand of clothing is designed with your concerns in mind. She creates high-end designs, using the finest fabrics, for everyday wear and special occasions.

About Eva La Cúz

Eva La Cúz and her designs carry on the torch of a generational passion of Heritage. Craftsmanship. Community, through luxury handmade childrenswear brand exclusively for little girls. Under B.E. Collection LLC, they are a Minnesota-based family business with devoted professional designers and seamstresses. 

Our commitment 

 With over 30 years of remarkable experience sewing garments, our priority is providing you and your family with top-quality handmade and custom pieces. We believe in the philosophy, threads of the past contributing to the change of today. In today’s society where we are made to believe we have to fit into a particular mold, Eva La Cúz recognizes and embraces the individual qualities of every little girl that make her unique. Through our high-quality garment designs, we encourage girls all over the world to paint the world and define their own style.

 For over three decades, our family has used our love for creativity combined with color and quality to develop custom, handmade clothing tailored to the personality and physical measurements of each girl in our own family, and for those who will one day wear our outfits. For us, this isn’t just a business but a passion focused on empowering each little girl to feel comfortable and confident in clothing meant just for her. With our designs, we intend to cloth the world with love, hope, and beauty. When your precious little girl wears our design, we hope she captivates the world’s attention by painting it with her style and grace.

As a designer and a single mother of four, Eva La Cúz is committed to serving those in need with her extraordinary designs and zealous colors ready to be a part of your child’s wardrobe. 

Paint with your Spirit

The world is full of vibrant invisible colors that every human being paints through their spirit with their actions, words, deeds, and beliefs. In her book ”Be”, author Dawn Airhart Witte, also Founder and Director of the Desire to Inspire Foundation, hopes the heart of each reader receives this message conveyed through her words.  

In one of her recent interviews, she stated” I hope it will uplift and cause people to perhaps consider looking at life from different perspectives. I want to plant a seed with people to live lives filled with kindness, love, inspiration, gratitude, strength, genuineness and happiness.” She goes on to say, ” I wanted them to understand the importance of being grateful for the life they have, to be inspired so that they can share their great passions with the world and that kindness and love are currencies more valuable than money. I want them to always know to be true to who they are and genuine about who that is in the world. And I want them to choose happiness because it puts out special energy into the world that brings about even more happiness”.

We should all be challenged and motivated by her book to fulfill life, lived through the 7 powerful words used. Paint the world through kindness, love, inspiration, gratitude, strength, genuineness and happiness. As parents, these are all acts we diligently try to embed in the hearts and minds of our children as they grow up, yet it is important to remember to hold onto and live these lessons as adults. We understand that life is not a fairytale and we face extreme life-changing challenges every day. Some may find it hard to see beyond the darkness that life has painted due to unfortunate circumstances.

Organizations such as the Desire to Inspire Foundation are dedicated to bringing back the vibrant colors of hope in the lives of these individuals. Through collaborating with partners globally, their primary efforts are centered on providing communities in need with basic necessities, vocational and educational opportunities, and the action needed to uplift one significant life at a time. As an individual, you too are empowered to change the world through one act at a time. It can be a beautiful smile to greet a stranger or an act to someone acknowledging their presence or pain. 

  We have heard it called “paying it forward”, in which someone who receives an act of kindness, love or appreciate turns around and reciprocates this by extending it to someone else. If we can imagine one act after another causing a ripple effect in the world, touching one person at a time, we can truly help each other heal and “Be” who we were called to be and paint the world around us with more kindness, love, inspiration, gratitude, strength, genuineness and happiness.

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