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Are you tired of struggling to find the right solution for your dry or blemished skin or dry or brittle hair? And after trying one product after another that is meant to beautify your skin and thicken and moisten your hair, you have been let down because the products you tried did not live up to what they were supposed to do?

Have you been ready to resign to the fact that you will always have skin and hair that is unhealthy? Before you give up on the hope that your skin and hair will be forever unhealthy, you will want to open your mind and your heart because there is one remedy that you have not yet tried – and is guaranteed to work!

That is 100 percent pure Moroccan argan oil by Arganelle where there are no additives or preservatives. If you do not know what argan oil is and how it can benefit your skin and hair, let’s now take the opportunity to share that with you. Argan trees are native to Morocco and the kernels of the trees contain rich oil that provides many moisturizing and healing benefits to the skin and to the hair. 

argan oil

The CEO of Arganelle who is originally from Morocco shares how he remembers watching the women in his community extract the oil each summer and recalls how it was a fantastic experience. The scent from the extractions had a pleasant nutty aroma and the sounds of the hand-mills as well as the chants they did while they were at work. And this oil became highly popular in Morocco among women because of how it beautified, moisturized, and enriched their skin and hair. 

And now that he has relocated in Toronto, Ontario, he is spreading the healing benefits of argan oil for skin and hair as North Americans, in general, are not overly familiar with its benefits. And the argan oil from Arganelle is made in traditional ways that exclude any type of additives or impurities. 


How Can Argan Oil Help Your Skin And Hair?

Argan oil has so many wonderful purposes as it can help do the following for your skin and hair:

  • Use it as a moisturizer for skin each evening which will help nourish and tone your skin. 
  • Add it to the ends of the hair to help smooth, straighten, and enrich them. 
  • Add it to the roots of the hair to encourage healthy hair growth. 
  • Add it right over stretch marks as well as scars to help promote healing. 
  • Argan oil can help heal sunburns, especially if it is mixed with coconut oil.
  • Add the oil to blemishes to help remove them as it will kill off bacteria and viruses that cause blemishes. 

The Moroccan argan oil by Arganelle will help refine, regenerate, and nourish your skin and hair, and you no longer will need to look anywhere else. Be sure to go right to to make the purchase that will bring hope back to having healthy skin and hair. 

argan oil

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