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Accepting Differences Is A Book That Builds Up Children’s Self-Esteem

The reason that I wrote the book, “MOMMY, WHY COME?: Accepting Differences” is that in my experience in working with students at the elementary-school level, it is important for them to realize their value and build up their self-esteem at an early age. By so doing, they develop positive behaviors which, in turn, allows teachers to utilize instructional time to actually teach and not have to deal with behavioral issues. Also, students who realize their own self-worth are less likely to be bullied than those who don’t think they are worth anything. These students will be examples to students who have low self-esteem, which will be a win-win for both students as well as teachers.

I was given the opportunity to read my book at a local elementary school in Durham, NC to a first-grade class. I encouraged them to know that they don’t just have to read books written by others, but they can write their own books when they grow up. They responded with interest and were able to answer questions about my book. I asked them questions about the characters, setting, conflict, and resolution. The two main characters, Sarah, a seven-year-old Caucasian girl, and Angela, a seven-year-old African-American girl make the decision to be accepting of each other’s differences and eventually become friends. Their being open-minded allows each of them to see value in others who don’t look like them.

My experience in the school system leads me to believe that it is becoming more multi-cultural and diverse. Hence, it is necessary for students who are different to be open to others. At an early age, students learn not only from those who look like them but also from those who are different.

MOMMY, WHY COME? Accepting Differences is available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and all US bookstores. It is also available internationally in Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Scandinavia, South Africa, Spain, and the UK.

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