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It is not a secret that the one thing that every adolescent and that every adult needs is deodorant. Everyone sweats, and some do more than others, and sweat does smell! The last thing that anyone wants to do is have others avoiding them because they have a bad odor to the fact that they did not use deodorant. And, you would think that any kind of deodorant would be ideal. Because the purpose of deodorant is to prevent anyone from smelling of sweat. However, the fact of the matter is, many deodorants that are available on the market are not at all ideal!

Sure, these generic deodorants may do its job, but at what cost? The one thing that people fail to realize is that their deodorant may be filled with chemicals and other questionable additives which are all being absorbed through their skin. Plenty of these products are filled with parabens, aluminum, phthalates, artificial fragrances, and gluten. That said, that can easily cause them to develop illnesses and other chronic health issues over time. However, if people were aware of Spruce Naturals deodorants, they would no longer shop at their local grocery store or pharmacy shop for deodorant.

What Is Unique About The Deodorants From Spruce Naturals?

Deodorants that are made by Spruce Naturals are completely organic, which means they only are composed of natural and safe ingredients. They also do not have any strange additives or chemicals that are included in the formulation. This means, not only are you using a deodorant that is free of unknown and potentially harmful additives but is made of natural ingredients that have many health benefits. And, they are extremely effective!




Spruce Naturals deodorants are made of:

  • Coconut oil which not only is an excellent moisturizer but has antibacterial properties to help keep potential infections away.
  • Shea butter which not only is a great moisturizer but is extremely soothing to the skin.
  • Carnauba wax which is an important part of the composition of the deodorant and it provides a texture that people love.
  • Arrowroot powder which is also an important part of the product’s composition and it is great for absorbing moisture.
  • Baking soda which not only absorbs moisture but it helps the product do its job due to its deodorizing properties.
  • Essential oils which not only have excellent deodorizing properties but provide you with that fresh feeling!

There are a variety of blends of essential oils in each scent, and the Spruce Naturals deodorants are made in the USA and are certified vegan and cruelty-free. The scents are included are English lavender, Lemongrass and pine, and unscented. That means they have never been tested on animals! They are also unisex so both men and women can use these deodorants. Are you now ready to ditch the deodorant that you have been using that are filled with unknown ingredients and replace it with a pure, non-toxic, and safe one to use for life?

Spruce Naturals provides you with a 100{716a4ab685473790f3722cbe1206c48872e89f3f58f906124c78c25190a55370} satisfaction guarantee or you get your money back! If you are a citizen of the USA and you are ready to change your life by purchasing an organic, pure, and a vegan deodorant, then you can go purchase this product from Amazon. Or, if you prefer, why not go to the Spruce Naturals website and be sure to add the code Expressive25 to get 25{716a4ab685473790f3722cbe1206c48872e89f3f58f906124c78c25190a55370} off of your purchase! If you need to read about their policies and other important factors, be sure to visit their FAQ page.

You will be glad that you made this healthy and life-changing move! Don’t forget to follow Spruce Naturals on Facebookand on Instagram!


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