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Expressive Mom

Most of the time, when our friends are sharing pictures of their kids, and even their families, they appear to be happy and be living the perfect life. Some may even constantly boast how well their kids are doing, or how successful they are, or how often they go on trips, etc. They may frequently show off how clean their homes are, and really the list goes on.

The worst part about this is that whenever we see these updates on our feeds from our connections, we will immediately feel inadequate. The comparisons start brewing in our heads and we begin to feel quite inferior. Our homes are messy, our kids may have issues, our kids may not being doing so well as their kids appear to be, we are struggling in many areas of our lives where as they don’t appear. They keyword here is appear.

I fell into the trap of believing everyone else’s lives were easier than mine based on what I saw on social media. I saw those “perfect moms” constantly sharing pictures of their “perfect kids”. I saw pictures of their “perfect trips” and their “clean homes”. However, I then thought that what goes on behind the scenes will never ever go on social media.

How do we know that the “perfect kid” that you see the mom bragging about on Facebook or Instagram did not have a full blown meltdown before that picture was taken? How do we know that that “perfect child” isn’t really struggling a lot at school or with other areas in life? How do we know that most of the time that mom’s house is filthy and she saved just enough money to have a professional clean her house once a month? If so, how do we know that she didn’t go around taking pictures of every room on that one day and used those pictures to share through out the rest of the month? How do we know that the “perfect mom” isn’t putting on an amazing show on social media, when in reality she is harsh with her kids and nasty to and two-faced with others?

What is my point? Don’t believe what you see on social media. People only put on shows or share the best of what they have, and conveniently leave out the rest. Don’t compare your struggles to a lie, because these boasting moms or dads are constantly lying if they are portraying themselves to have “perfect lives” on social media.

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